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Secret Unfold! Relationship between Missy Elliott and Alyson Stoner is finally revealed

, the savior for many

Missy Elliott is like a living god for many as she has helped multiple artists flourish in their careers. She has also scripted and produced for , Mel B, Tweet, , and a few others. 

The rapper also tweeted some words of wisdom in 2022 for musicians who could be putting their second album together.

“Sophomore Albums are a very time for artist(s)! … Your sophomore album is stressful but it’s the BEST ALBUM to EXPERIMENT on! Don’t be AFRAID!

Becuz If u play safe you will be BOXED in & its hard to get out because your fans get used to that 1 sound,” she wrote. In a follow-up tweet, Elliott shared more advice, “Listen CLOSELY! Go with the songs you feel you should drop, not what everyone else suggests! … Go with your GUT!”

Several well-known faces have appeared in Missy Elliott’s surreal music videos. For the music video for “,” she worked with artists including Lil’ Kim, Timbaland, Total, and Da Brat. While those celebrities were well-known, some of her other films have exposed us to new artists, such as .

Fans are only aware of Alyson Stoner by her starring in “Cheaper By The Dozen,” “Camp Rock” and “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody,” But she first appeared as a dancer in Missy Elliott’s “Work It” video in 2002.

Missy Elliott’s recognized awards

Next year, her iconic video won the famed video of the year at the Video

The same evening, Alyson Stoner joined the rap sensation onstage in accepting the prize. Stoner said that being a part of the victory was “extremely amazing” while appearing on “.”

Missy Elliott was impressed by Alyson Stoner’s in-born talent; as a result, she featured her in two more videos of her. Gossip Folks” and “I’m Really Hot.”

In 2015, Alyson Elliott joined hands with a group of dancers to perform rocking choreography to three of her songs. Ultimately, she dedicated the video to Missy Elliott and thanked Get Ur Freak On” hitmaker for all the opportunities she gave to flourish and paid tribute on stage. 

In response to Alyson Elliott’s tribute, Missy Elliott responded on .

“I’m so humbled! Honestly, I never knew How much  I appreciated my music but I am grateful. thank u @Alyson 4 a beautiful tribute.”

Alyson Elliott credited Missy Elliott for her career

And in 2019, she even won a Vanguard Award at the MTV Video Music Awards. She even performed a mashup of her most popular songs along with her trophy. Alyson Stoner performed “Work It” as a surprise performance while wearing a vibrant yellow tracksuit. Though it has been a long since she performed in public, she still did well. 

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 Her performance made headlines, and Alyson Stoner, in her interview with TMZ, said that she was asked to perform only at the last minute. And she praised Missy Elliott for helping her career grow; all those credits go to her.