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Royal Highness! Prince William and Kate are ascending in their royal ranks with King Charles III ascending the throne

II has gone on to eternal sleep, but the Windsor family will move on to its new titles. As the Queen passed away, the throne and is .

The ascending of the ranks

It has been more than seven decades after King George VI that King Charles III ascended the throne. Not only has Charles ascended in rank, but along with him also ascended the ranks are and .

The new King Charles III has made the official announcement, and the ranks have been settled.

The new King Charles III addressed the nation in a message declaring the titles. According to the message, Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton are not only ascending the ranks but , which Charles previously received from the funds.

The official confirmation

On September 9, 2022, King Charles III confirmed that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s new titles would be Prince and Princess of Wales, respectively. So, that’s the new rank they received, along with Camila receiving the Queen Consort.

“With Catherine beside him, our new Prince and Princess of Wales will, I know, continue to inspire and lead our national conversations,” His Majesty said, “helping to bring the marginal to the center ground where vital help can be given.”

Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton are expected to embrace new roles and start on with the new duties as assigned by King Charles III from now on to them.

Charles received his Prince of Wales title, which Queen Elizabeth II gave him in 1958. However, following the death of Queen Elizabeth II in September. 8, Prince William’s father, King Charles III, who was all this while known as Prince Charles, ascended as monarch of the British throne. Of course, people have been wondering what will happen to the titles of Prince and Princess.

The Prince of Wales website is now under construction following the Queen’s passing as all the titles are changing. New ranks and names accordingly are getting updated on the site.

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The traditional royal customs

Well, according to the royal customs previously, the royal authorities noted that the title “is normally passed on when the existing Prince of Wales accedes to the throne,” Now, since Charles has ascended the throne, William, who is the Duke, currently knows of the Cambridge title. He has still not started his duties as the new Prince of Wales, as the whole custom is still under process.

When William is appointed as the Prince of Wales, his wife Kate, the current Duchess of Cambridge, will become Princess of Wales. The last time it was William’s late mother, Princess Diana, who ascended the rank. Now, her daughter-in-law will be receiving the title of Princess of Wales.

So, as the whole coronation process starts, it also means that Duke William and Duchess Kate often referred to as the Cambridges, will be called Prince and Princess of Wales shortly.

Before marrying Kate Middleton and being assigned new titles, William was previously known as Wales, thanks to Charles and Diana. They were assigned the title of Prince and Princess of Wales.

The ceremony is still left to happen

This title transfer is still pending as the ceremony of coronation and ascending of the ranks will be distributed and dedicated. Duke William and Duchess Kate have got gifted with a new batch of titles after Charles ascended to the throne.

The ascending of Charles’ throne earned William two more titles – the Duke of Cornwall and the Duke of Rothesay. These two dukedoms were acquired by Charles when Princess Elizabeth II became Queen in 1952. But now, the titles are passed down to William and Kate. Officially Kate will be known as the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duchess of Rothesay.

William and Kate’s official social media accounts have changed their titles and officially acknowledged the recent ascend in the ranks, writing in the bio, “The official account of The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge and the Royal Foundation, based at Kensington Palace.”

As discussed, Charles’ wife Camilla will ascend in her rank from the Duchess of Cornwall to the Queen Consort upon King Charles III taking the throne.

The discussion of this title change was already going on following the announcement from the late Queen during her Platinum Jubilee in February 2022, in which she wrote, “And when, in the fullness of term, my son Charles becomes king, I know you will give him and his wife Camilla the same approval that you have given me; and it is my sincere wish that, when that time comes, Camilla will be known as Queen consort as she persists her own loyal service.”