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Ron DeSantis Releases His Own “Top Gun”-Style Ad Starring Maverick

A recent campaign ad portrays Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as a maverick. To be more precise, he was cast as THE Maverick, Tom Cruise’s role in the summer blockbuster Top Gun: Maverick.

Top Gov trailer.

In the “Top Gov” advertisement, released late on Monday, DeSantis shows up wearing a bomber jacket and delivers a whiteboard speech, mirroring scenes from the movie. 

However, his speech is about “taking on the corporate media,” not about pulling 10 Gs during a bombing run. He then walks out onto the tarmac after zipping up his flying suit. It concludes with DeSantis in a fighter jet’s cockpit wearing a helmet.

Discharged from the Navy.

Before being discharged from the Navy in 2010, DeSantis himself served in the Navy for six years and received the Bronze Star. According to the Miami Herald, he was deployed to Guantanamo Bay and Iraq. Still, his duty was more JAG than Top Gun. He provided legal advice on operations as a military attorney.

DeSantis spoke in an interview to talk about the advertisement. They claimed it was not his idea to play Maverick.

He said on Fox & Friends, “I suppose it was something that my wife initially thought of.”

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