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Rocket was featured in early Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy designs

The Guardians of the Galaxy’s heroes might have looked quite different because their developers wanted to steer away from Marvel’s established looks. In Edge Magazine’s most recent issue, art director Bruno Gauthier-Leblanc expressed his desire not to be influenced by Marvel. As Gauthier-Leblanc explained, “it’s the best way to make something generic or just a copy.

” Instead, the team’s inspiration came from old 3D art that originated in the 1990s. “We were very focused on 3D shapes with colorful patterns,” he said. It was rather Gauthier-Leblanc’s intention to draw inspiration from the 1980s and 1990s and go in their style rather than copy directly from Marvel. As a result, the creative direction stems from ‘old 3D art from the 1990s’, which uses ‘simple shapes with colorful patterns. Despite supporting Eidos Montreal’s ideas, Marvel was skeptical about some of its earlier plans for certain character designs. “We had a fat Drax. Our first version of Star-Lord was like a cosmonaut, with almost a full cosmonaut suit,” Gauthier-Leblanc recalls.

In addition to Rocket, we had a human-size one. Yeah, we scared the heck out of them the first time.” As a result of the second pitch, Marvel and Eidos Montreal had reached a mutual understanding’s ideas.

Senior narrative director described Gamora as “the biggest challenge,” saying that “For the longest time, we struggled to understand her. She is the deadliest woman in the galaxy – but what does that mean?”?”In the end, the studio had the perfect idea for assembling the Guardians: the huddle mechanic.

and understood that music was Star-Lord’s identity and strength. The intention was for Star-Lord to pass off some of the song lyrics as his own, says composer .

I wrote this chant that underneath it to get the team going, and the whole thing brings Star-Lord to life.”Currently, Rosie is a writer and avid gamer of 6 years. Her favorite games include RPGs, which she plays mostly on the Nintendo Switch and PC. An undergraduate degree in English Literature and Creative Writing is currently in progress for her.

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