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Ridiculous! Kris Jenner has fans perplexed as she resembles Beyonce in her new pictures

is a name known in every house today. She is living the dream life. As much as to say a part of the controversy and Jenners go together. 

This time It’s Kris Jenner and for being mistaken for Beyonce

The works relentlessly as a manager for her daughter . If you are a fan of the , you would know Kris Jenner got no time to chill.

Her hands are tight with Kris’s upcoming Masterclass and collaboration with her daughter Kylie. Meanwhile, Kris Jenner had her fans perplexed as they confused her with Beyonce in her new pictures on Instagram.

Viewers are shocked by Kris’s new resemblance with Beyonce

Ridiculous! Kris Jenner has fans perplexed as she resembles Beyonce in her new pictures (2)

Kris and Kylie announced their second collaboration via Instagram, which will be featured on Sept 14. Excited fans can’t wait to see what Kylie cosmetics brings this time. However, it was Kris’s new look that became the talk of the town. In the promotion pictures, Kris looked elegant in her black dress and black hat that covered her face, sipping a drink.

Her promotion look was similar to Beyonce’s Grammy in 2008 as she donned the Black dress and Black hat too; fans couldn’t stop gushing over the similarity between Kris’s look resembling Beyonce’s.

Kris starts a Masterclass

Kris’s new idea to help people in their careers and business in the form of a masterclass she disclosed in an episode of the Kardashians.

Kris’s representative revealed that the Masterclass would help the viewers with what they expect from their brand. The Masterclass will revolve around finding your voice, anecdotal and how to up the business game on , everything to learn from the Diva herself, Kris Jenner.

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While students will know how Kris Jenner built her while helping her daughters and their brands, it’s time for the newcomers to learn from the pro.

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