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RHOBH: The eye-opening texts sent post-Kathy Hilton’s Downfall

of acknowledged a fallout between and . The most astonishing text from Kathy Hilton, Lisa, hints at her Downfall.

A trembling step hit the show

The cast of of Beverly Hills is on a trip to snowy Colorado. The most awaited fallout between Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richards was witnessed in the episode of Sept 14. A menacing message appeared on the screen. It read “several hours later…”

The three, Kyle, Kathy, and Lisa, were off to chill in a bar. The cold war began by showing screenshots of Lisa’s conversation with .

It read I got in a sprinter with Kathy, and she had an absolutely [sic] meltdown,” Lisa wrote post-midnight. “I’ve never heard or seen anything like it in my life.”

Anger screaming, throwing things, crying,” While Lisa’s second text message read. “I’m locked in my room.”

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Erika replied, “OMG,” but the most shocking text would come after that. “The hatred that just came out of her towards her sister…” Lisa added. “I’m speechless.” Uncovering the drama of Lisa as the one owning her messages was seen. She added.

“I know the idea of Kathy Hilton,” she told the camera. “The socialite is kind, loving, and is a pillar of society. The world thinks she’s somebody that she’s not.”

Do you know what the best text was

 A text message sent to Lisa by Kathy read, “Silence is golden,” “I am staying silent.”

Lisa revealed there was no clue about Kathy’s silence as to why she is silent as Lisa said many things to Kathy, which she was feeling at the time. Let’s see what Kathy has to say about her fallout.

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