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‘RHOBH’ fans troll Lisa Rinna for calling Kendall Jenner her friend

Aspen’s trip was fun-filled entertainment for the viewers as ‘ housewife unintentionally provided some to the fans that made her a troll as she called her friend.

Story of the bar trip

During their bar trip, Rinna and all the other homemakers entered the bar and started to order their drinks.

from tried to promote her new tequila brand, for which Lisa Rinna rejected her co-star by announcing loudly that she wanted to test her “friend” Kendall Jenner’s 818 tequila. On hearing this, Kathy Hilton got so upset that she furiously stormed out of the bar. As the tequila shot came, she started to enjoy it.

While enjoying her tequila, she confessed that three of her best buddies have their tequila brand. And was making sure that she was trying on the new ones she hadn’t tried before. But perhaps the rejection did go well, with her fans starting to troll her for calling Kendall Jenner her friend.

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Fans brutally trolled Lisa Rinna

Fans started to troll Lisa Rinna on that she and Kendall Jenner are not friends. A fan even tweeted that.

“You think Kendall & Rinna are friends?? Seriously?? Girl please #RHOBH.” Another fan tweeted,

“Rinna is so rude about this tequila. Kendall Jenner is not your friend #rhobh,”

Another mocked her asking, “Does Kendall Jenner talk to people about her “friend” Rinna? @ash_slay @GinaWatss #RHOBH,”

Another fan added, “Now, Rinna knows Kendall Jenner is not her friend #RHOBH.”

“Kendall, finding out she’s friends with Lisa Rinna #RHOBH.”

Twitter thread mockery

The mockery continued along several threads, and fans wondered why the 60-year-old lady would ever call Kendall Jenner her friend. Another commented that Lisa Rinna was already in diapers when Kendall Jenner was born.

Other fans called her “60 year old Lisa Rinna calling 26 year old Kendall Jenner her friend? That’s weird. #RHOBH,”

Another fan said, “Lisa Rinna, a 60+ year old woman name dropping her “friend” Kendall or instead of just taking a shot of Kathy’s tequila and going “mmmm” is so confusing to me. She’s just mean Lmao #RHOBH,”

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