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‘RHOA’ star Shereé Whitfield Finally succeeded!!!! Co-stars are proud of her

The Finale season of The was telecast on Sunday, 14 years after her catastrophic first-ever try, Shereé Whitfield put on the She by Shereé fashion show. However, an unexpected visit from her ex-boyfriend added a few setbacks along the way.

Planning for Shereé fashion show

During her confession, Shereé Whitfield confessed that, at this point, she had done everything. Right from booking the venue and also had a problem with the production of her pieces.  

They assured her that everything would be on time when she outsourced some work to a production business in New York. Still, as of now, they did not give them everything, and because of this, she grew impatience and didn’t know how many parts she was getting. She also added that

“I’m seeing red,” she continued. “I am beginning to have flashbacks and PTSD from the fashion show with no fashion 14 years ago. I am still embarrassed. I cannot, will not allow that to happen again.”

The first ever attempt failed

'RHOA' star Shereé Whitfield Finally succeeded!!!! Co-stars are proud of her (2)

In 2008, Whitfield’s first effort at staging a fashion show didn’t go as planned in RHOA’s first season because of poor production and quality, which left her with no samples to show her guests.

A day before the show, she revealed that she had to get 19 more pieces as she had only five pieces in hand. 

 Relationship with boyfriend

At the same time, her former boyfriend walked in to surprise her. Whitefield responded, referring to the day she had arranged to see Gilliams in Philadelphia, but he did not appear.

It was then he explained that he was just out of prison. Later they both got into an argument, and Whitfield, in an angry tone, asked him why he couldn’t even apologize. He retaliated by saying he did not need to apologize as she was responsible for sending him to jail. 

Later none of them apologized

On the day of the show, Whitfield claimed she had finally gotten 24 outfits, plus a few extras. While her boyfriend came up with a bouquet, Whitfield wasn’t moved by his act. 

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She is now dating Love & Marriage , . After 14 long years, she is proud of herself; she had lots of rocks and finally made it. She wants everyone to know that one has to push themselves up with prayer, determination, and hard work, which will surely pay off. 


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