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Rhea Seehorn had a heart attack and was thankful for ‘one more day’ with Bob Odenkirk

74th Primetime on Monday

is talking about what it was like to see her friend and co-star have a . , 50, went to the on Monday. There, she told media and EW’s Red Carpet Live pre-show co-hosts and that she and , 59, were very close while filming Better Call Saul. She remembered that the two of them and their co-star Patrick Fabian lived together for a lot of the filming.

Even though Seehorn said she was “thankful” for their closeness and friendship, she also said that their friendship was the main reason why she and Fabian, who was 57 at the time, were with Odenkirk when something went wrong. Seehorn said that the scary thing happened when they were taking a break together on set. “He basically looked like he was passing out, and then we realised something was very wrong. We dove to catch him before he hit the concrete floor, and then we realised it was very, very bad and started yelling for help,” she said.

Wonderful wife and his kids were kind enough to let Patrick

“We were always very close, but the best thing I could say was that we’ve all lost someone we loved, and you just wish you had one more day, one more time to smile, laugh, or appreciate them, but you don’t,” she said. She said that the next day after Odenkirk woke up, they were both able to go see him in the ICU. “When he woke up the next morning, his wonderful wife Naomi and his kids were kind enough to let Patrick and me come to the ICU right away. At that moment, it was like, “Oh my god, this, oh, I get another day!”

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Breaking Bad spin-off in New Mexico

Odenkirk was taken to the hospital last July after collapsing on the set of his popular Breaking Bad spin-off in New Mexico, where the upcoming sixth and final season was being filmed. Shortly after that, Odenkirk’s agent told the media that the actor was doing well. He told The New York Times about the incident before: “I went to play the Cubs game and ride my exercise bike, and I just fell down.

Rhea said. I started turning bluish-gray right away.” Set health and safety supervisor Rosa Estrada and assistant director Angie Meyer started CPR, and an automated defibrillator was used three times to get Odenkirk’s heart rhythm back. Later, the actor from “Nobody” had two stents put in his heart. In 2018, Odenkirk found out he had plaque buildup in his heart, but he said doctors gave him different advice on how to treat it. In July of last year, a heart event happened when “one of those plaque pieces broke up.” The sixth and final season of Better Call Saul started on April 18 and ended on August 15.