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Reports claim Warner Bros executives disagree with Zack Snyder’s Justice League

In the last decade, DC’s live-action franchise has undergone some wild evolution, with various visions being brought to life. One of the unique entries on that list is Zack Snyder’s , as an alternate, extended version of 2017’s Justice League — Snyder’s intended version was released on in 2021 after he had stepped away from production due to a family tragedy. 

Views expressed by executives

In a recent report, . executives express their thoughts on the long-running fan campaign to bring the “Snyder Cut” to life. The released movie further galvanized the fandom to want to see Snyder’s previously planned sequels and spinoffs restored. According to Variety, studio insiders have lamented that Zack Snyder’s Justice League never should’ve been made. 

Following reports and internal studies by Warner Bros., the Snyder Verse fandom topic has veered and zigzagged in some interesting directions in recent months. There has been some discussion that bot accounts were partially responsible for the Oscar Fan Favorite Awards earlier this year and the campaign as a whole. 

Project development is a responsibility

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DC has indicated that no further installments of are planned, despite Snyder fans frequently showcasing their affection for the director on social media. During this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, DC publisher Jim Lee said that it is amazing that after two years in lockdown, we are back at a convention celebrating the art form and feeling good. 

My responsibility is to develop the projects. The is a truly satisfying story told and a real fulfillment of Zack’s vision, but there are no plans to revisit that material in the future. Regarding the other stuff, I was glad to contribute to the pitch for that, which I thought had been erased, but they kept it. 

Snyder’s production owns the following projects

That was fun to see because he did it years ago. According to Snyder, these new projects are owned by Snyder’s production banner, The Stone Quarry Productions, which is part of the Netflix first-look deal. In a late 2013 interview, Snyder explained that he hoped would be considered the original IP. 

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He has a lot of interest in the DC universe and spent a lot of time thinking about and developing it, so he loves it very much. He is currently focused on Rebel Moon and Army of the Dead, both consuming our creative energy. All the original and cool things we do should fall under that category.