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Racist Star War Trolls – John Boyega Emotional Watching Ewan McGregor Defend Obi-Wan Co-Star Moses Ingram

Speaks About The Racist Bullying For His Work

John Boyega has never shied away from speaking out about the racist bullying he received for his work as Finn in the ‘Star Wars franchise. Things got so bad, that he convened a meeting with and Lucasfilm execs to express his disappointment in their lack of support during the targeted attacks.

In May this year, days after the show was released on Disney Plus, Moses, who played the fearsome Inquisitor Reva on the show spoke out against the racist abuse she’d suffered, with Star Wars also releasing a statement which read: ‘If anyone intends to make her feel in any way unwelcome, we have only one thing to say: we resist.’

The Defiant Video Message

Ewan slammed the trolls in a defiant video message, telling anyone who had sent her ‘bullying messages’ that ‘you’re no Star Wars fan in my mind’.

Having said he felt ‘peace’ with the way Disney handled the situation, John who played Stormtrooper-turned-rebel Finn in the Star Wars sequel trilogy has revealed how ‘emotional’ it was to witness Ewan’s video.

McGregor shared a message about Moses on Star Wars’ social media pages on June 1. It seems that some of the fan bases have decided to attack Moses Ingram online and send her the most horrendous, racist.

The Leading Actor And The Executive Producer With Moses

Calling Moses, a brilliant actor, and a brilliant woman, McGregor went on to say, As the leading actor in the series, as the executive producer on the series we stand with Moses.

Based on a true story, the actor stars in the film as , a who took several people hostage in a bank in 2017 after saying he was mistreated by Veterans Affairs.

For me as an actor, it was about immersing myself in the experience, understanding what it’s actually like for people who go through this scenario in real life, and comparing those general points and notes to what Brian’s specific situation is, Boyega explains.

Because I can’t just go in only wanting to know what Brian’s situation is. It’s just having a full scope of what it actually feels like, what makes a person decide to even join the army, to want to go out there and fight and defend.

He continues, Thank the lord for the information that we have out there, both in terms of obviously the scripts, documentation, and then the internet.

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The Emotional And Intense Work

While the work was emotional and intense, Boyega says he was able to put it aside when cameras stopped rolling for the day. I’ve always kept a steady sense of just the third person, which is the John Boyega way.

He always says He’s waiting at the trailer door. He’s just grinning. He’s got cool clothes on, his nice chains on. And he’s telling the actor, ‘Let it go, and let’s just go home. I felt quite comfortable taking off the crown of Brian, as I would say, on a hat.

You may have seen Boyega on a recent cover of Men’s Health showing off his very muscled body. While he did have to bulk up for his role opposite Viola Davis in the upcoming film ‘The Woman King,’ he began working on his fitness during COVID lockdown.

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