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Queen’s Update: Biden arrives in London for the funeral; the Queen’s grandkids kept watch by the coffin

Saturday at Westminster Hall, paid an unexpected visit

The thousands of people waiting in line to pay their respects to , whose body is lying in state in Westminster Hall, were greeted by King Charles III on a surprise visit on Saturday. In the miles-long line of mourners near on Saturday, Charles and his son, , shook hands and expressed their gratitude. Since becoming king on September 8, Charles has gone on several spontaneous walkabouts to get to know his subjects.

King Charles spent time with his subjects

While in London for his mother's , which is scheduled for Monday, the future king also spent a significant portion of Saturday visiting with dignitaries. After the queen's passing, Brits say: “We need to talk about the monarchy.” The 's representatives in the former colonies of the United Kingdom, which range from Antigua and Barbuda to Tuvalu, attended a reception he hosted for the Governor General of the Realms in the early afternoon after holding an audience with the nation's military leaders at Buckingham Palace in the morning.

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Biden arrives in London for the funeral of the queen

The prime ministers of Canada's Justin Trudeau, Australia's Anthony Albanese, the Bahamas' Philip Davis, Jamaica's Andrew Holness, and New Zealand's Jacinda Ardern also met with Charles. And later on Saturday, all eight of Queen Elizabeth II's grandchildren gathered at her funeral. Joe Biden, the United States vice president, has landed in London to honor the monarch. Before attending the queen's funeral at Westminster Abbey on Monday, the president was scheduled to sign the official condolence book and attend a reception thrown by King Charles III on Sunday at Buckingham Palace. Biden is among many foreign leaders visiting the UK to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's lengthy reign. Biden and first lady were welcomed at the airport by Jane Hartley, the British ambassador, Jennifer Tolhurst, the Lord Lieutenant of Essex, and others.

The Queen's grandchildren stand vigil by the coffin to honor their beloved granny

In the early hours of Saturday evening, all eight of Queen Elizabeth II's grandchildren kept a somber vigil by her casket. William and , the sons of King Charles III, were accompanied by Zara Tindall and Peter Philips, and Princess Eugenie, the daughters of Prince Andrew and Lady Louise Windsor, and James, Viscount Severn, the two children of Prince Edward. With his head down, William, now the successor to the throne, stood at the head and Harry at the foot of the coffin. Both princes, who had served in the military, were dressed in uniform. Both of the king's sons were required to attend the vigil wearing full military regalia.

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