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Queen Elizabeth II’s Tribute: The popular food company went viral with its controversial post

A 70-year reign ended on September 8 with ’s death at age 96, as reported by the BBC. Most Brits do not know any other except Queen Elizabeth II, who reigned between 1952 and 1997. U.K. citizens mourn with dignitaries and commoners who worked with the queen.

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Royal etiquette must also be followed when mourning Queen Elizabeth II properly, just as in life. The queen’s death follows a protocol that must follow exactly as it does in life. The country will be guided over the next ten days through “,” which will detail the queen’s painstakingly choreographed funeral plan and acceptable ‘rituals of ’. The streets of the United Kingdom are littered with makeshift memorials, and bereaved Brits provide flower tributes, poems, and letters to the monarch in memory of the queen.

The queen is not only honoured by U.K. citizens but also by companies. According to The , Google and BP changed their logo to black, and Liberty and Selfridges closed retail locations in honour of the queen. Social media has criticized several businesses for being disrespectful or controversial, even when the tributes are meant to be appreciated. Internet users wonder if Domino’s Pizza should have said anything after its post.

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An ode to Queen Elizabeth II by Domino

A Domino’s Pizza franchise with more than 90 outlets worldwide has taken some punches lately. The company closed 23 Italian locations in August after failing to appeal to Italians with its American-style pizza. In response to the queen’s death on Thursday, a Domino’s Pizza U.K official said on Twitter, “Everyone at Domino’s mourns with the nation and the world. Despite blocking comments from the tweet, over 2,500 people reposted it, adding their thoughts to the tribute. “Our thoughts and condolences are with the Royal family.”

Many commenters did not like the message. A Twitter user, like , joked about it: “Now that Domino’s has weighed in, we’ll be able to heal. In 30 minutes or less.” In response to Domino’s U.k., user ForgetfuIPerson responded with a gif of the Irish flag, referencing in connection with the queen. In response to the queen’s death, questioned Domino’s in some tweets. According to user Mesh, the statement was “touching, but clearly intended to capitalize on mourners who are unable to cook dinner and seeking out takeout.” The Takeout notes that food brands may want to stay relevant by participating in every conversation, but taking the “don’t post” option can be just as effective.

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