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Queen Elizabeth II’s funniest moments: Here are some notable moments to cherish

Queen Elizabeth was known for her wit, sense of humor, and dedication to the crown throughout her decades as monarch. Queen Elizabeth always cracked a joke that kept everyone on their toes when she was performing a skit or giving a speech. Please look over her funniest moments here, which make us recollect those happiest days.

A skit about

With actor in character as James Bond, the Queen appeared in a skit during the 2012 . Initially, the skit appeared innocent, with James Bond accompanying the Queen to the Olympics on her private helicopter. Once the Queen boarded the helicopter, however, things changed significantly.

A Union Jack parachute was used to glide from the helicopter to the ground, while the actress dressed as the Queen kept her family in the dark about her plans. Her participation was conditional on keeping her role a secret made it all the more special when her family was shocked by her participation.

Paddington skit

The Queen also appeared in a BBC special event where she starred alongside Ben Whishaw’s Paddington Bear. A security guard, Barry the Guard, was portrayed by Simon Farnaby. It ended with Paddington wishing the Queen a “happy Jubilee” and saying, “Thank you for everything,” at Buckingham Palace while eating marmalade sandwiches. The Paddington account tweeted those exact words soon after the Queen’s death was announced, thanking her for her efforts.

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Funny speech with George W. Bush

In 2007, the Queen mocked then-President George W. Bush during her visit to the United States. By stating she helped celebrate the country’s independence in 1776 rather than 1976, the president accidentally age-distanced the Queen 200 years when he greeted her on the lawn of the upon her arrival.

According to the president, the Queen reminded him of his mistake later during her visit to a dinner hosted by the . While she let it slide at the time, the Queen later reminded him of it. “I wondered whether I should start this toast by saying, ‘When I was here in 1776,’ she said. In his toast, the president said he could not top the joke.

The bad weather joke made Ronald laugh

In 1983, when was president, the Queen made a state dinner in a little more entertaining with her wit. When the Queen visited the west coast, she was surprised not to experience a drop of rain, as California is notorious for its lack of rain. Queen Elizabeth II acknowledged in her toast that the Puritans brought many English customs when they first arrived in the New World. In addition, she stated that she did not understand why they would also bring England’s terrible weather with them. It was extremely funny to Reagan.

Queen’s photobomb in the Common Wealth Games

A photobomb from the Queen was impossible to resist. When the Queen attended a girl’s hockey match between Australia and Malaysia during the 2014 in Glasgow, Scotland, she joined the celebrations uniquely after Australia beat Malaysia 4-0. She smiled and posed for the photo in the background as she watched Australian defender Jayde Taylor take a celebratory selfie with her teammate.

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