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Queen Elizabeth II: The longest-reigning monarch will always be known for her unwavering duties and service

II, the first female longest-reigning monarch and the third longest-reigning monarch, has always been a figure of national pride and respect to the commonwealth realms.

Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022)

The Queen symbolised stability and continuity and was respected worldwide for seven decades. As a female monarch, she ranks third in the world’s list of all the in Europe and Greater Britain since the first century.

Queen Elizabeth II was a devoted wife, a dedicated mother, an ideal grandmother, and a . But, first and foremost, she was the Queen and always displayed a tenacious commitment toward her country and the Commonwealth realms throughout her record-breaking seven decades of reign. She always considered herself a person born to serve the nation first and then her family.

She became the Queen when she was only 25 years old and was enjoying her five years of marriage with . But, due to the untimely demise of , she became Britain’s longest-reigning monarch and the head of state with unbeatable capability on the world stage.

The young aristocratic lady

Queen Elizabeth II always maintained a quiet and restrained demeanour; she always maintained all the protocols of Her . She instructed her family and the United Kingdom through a period of extraordinary and outrageous social change.

She was always dedicated to keeping her institution relevant; she never unwavered from her duties of serving the nation first and then thinking about her emotions.

Even though Queen Elizabeth II was crowned at such a young age, Her Majesty always displayed adaptability, which she always reflected. Many would credit her for serving the nation and securing the monarchy’s strong future.

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let out her first cry on 21 April 1926 to the Duke and Duchess of York. Her family and closest friends called her Princess Lilibet. She was the first child of the Duke and Duchess of York. Luckily she saw her father ascending the throne and becoming King George VI.

Princess Lilibet was the beloved granddaughter of King George V, and she was home-schooled which was pretty obvious. From a very young age, she was given the pieces of training of living the life of a princess, the etiquette of royalty and the ethics of a royal princess.

Princess Lilibet was always obedient and always maintained all the rules and protocols. So she had a very happy childhood growing up with her parents and her younger sister Margaret. She was never the rebel queen and showed all the signs of being the rightful descendant of King George VI.

However, time and situations are never in favour of anyone, and something unprecedented happened in the lives of Princess Lilibet and .

Their lives dramatically went upside-down in 1936 when their uncle Edward VIII resigned from the throne and their father, the Duke of York, had to take on the responsibility and became King George VI.

She ascended in her royal duties

King’s daughter officially increased in her rank – as a result, Princess Elizabeth’s apprenticeship for a life of public duties assigned by the King began at a very young age. She always showed brighter capability than her sibling Princess Margaret.

Princess Elizabeth was a bonafide Princess to His Majesty back then and followed all the rules and duties that she used to be assigned by her father, King George VI.

There is a documentary covering Queen Elizabeth II’s life; the media broadcasted it in 1992. In the documentary, Her Majesty said: “I think training is the answer to many things. You can do a ton if you are adequately trained and I hope I have been.”

It was true; Princess Elizabeth went on with her royal duties from a very young age, which she always considered a major part of training to be the future Queen.

The testing times were harder, but the young princesses were evacuated from London like thousands of other children when the Second World War broke out. It was for the first time that Princess Elizabeth would make her first-ever radio broadcast at Windsor Castle. She addressed the nation and showed immense leadership qualities from a tender age.

At 18, Princess Elizabeth undertook national service, joined the Auxiliary Transport Corps and even qualified as a driver.

Her first-ever overseas tour

She did her first overseas tour to South Africa in 1947 with her parents. Her parents were on royal duties, and she accompanied them and watched them serve Africa’s poor people. She understood then that her life would revolve around serving her nation and the world. People did them, and people needed help. King George VI and Queen Elizabeth were there to serve and help. Princess Lilibet got her experience directly from her fieldwork as she accompanied them at the service of an underdeveloped continent.

Although now Africa is not an underdeveloped continent; rather, it is a developing continent with many prospects surrounding it.

During that tour, Princess Elizabeth celebrated her 21st birthday in Cape Town. The young lady made one of her most well-known speeches in the foreign land, where she confirmed to the world that her life’s only commitment was to serve the world and perform her duties with perfect justification and dedication.

“My whole life, whether long or short, shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong,” she said back then. She was always there for her people and ensured her duty came first.

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