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Profound! The full season finale of The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Spring, Summer, or September

Shereé Whitfield, mother to Tierra

It’s done. Shereé Whitfield, the mother to Tierra, , and , executed a fashion presentation with clothing. No, it’s not spring, but it’s still summer in September, so we’ll let her off. She gave us this on Beyoncé’s birthday. I want today off.

After years of anticipation, I’m thrilled to write about Shereé’s debut. This season has been 17 weeks of Marlo’s ranting, filler sequences, Ralph, and worrying if qualifies for the

This year’s Atlanta episodes felt bland, like a Housewives show without the meat. Cast outings, dinners, and shade seemed empty the whole time. It is almost the end. I keep asking, “Is that it?” I’m thankful for the finale’s chaos.

It’s not the finest RHOA conclusion — I think it would have worked better midseason — but seeing Shereé show finished clothing is a feat only Housewives producers… and Rawan could pull off.

Shereé was meeting with convicts

Shereé was meeting with convicts in the days before her presentation. One week before the presentation, she’s performing a walk-through and waiting on her clothing from New York, Alaska, Genovia, etc. 

She doesn’t know how many or which clothes she’ll receive in time for the occasion, but even with five, the show must go on because this is “the point of no return.” Flashbacks and the “fashion show without fashions” sound bite emphasize the film’s seriousness. This episode uses Dwight’s catchphrase, so extensively it might be a drinking game.

Sanya confesses she’s getting her IUD removed

While Shereé prepares for her presentation, the other women finish their stories before supporting her. Sanya confesses she’s getting her IUD removed during a kiki with Marlo at her residence.

She wanted a child since she felt supported and unified after they decided not to have a child. I don’t understand, but I mind my uterus. 

Marlo brought her nephews to Sanya’s house to change tires with Ross and is excited to see her mother after three years. She worries the meeting won’t be constructive because her mom is an addict, but she’s open to rebuilding a link because of and .

Emma, Marlo’s mom, is both unexpected and perfect. Marlo, or LaToya Hutchinson, reminds me of hood females who wanted to live in luxury by any means.

Some of them had moms like Marlo’s who abused drugs, left kids in unsafe settings, or had mental-health difficulties, which added to their hunger for a better life but hardened them. Despite lacking income and prestige, Emma loves fashion like her daughter, but she shines.

Marlo flew Emma from Arkansas to a motel

Due to their rocky past, Marlo flew Emma from Arkansas to a motel. Emma’s parents unintentionally tossed her teeth before making it to Atlanta, prompting a nasty joke: Emma may be toothless, but she’s not homeless.

They bond over their love of fashion and revisit past tragedies, with Marlo saying she couldn’t leave Michael and William with their grandma. Addiction, poverty, mental health, and neglect are difficult themes, and it’s hard to see as a Black woman who understands how hard it was for Black women before me, especially in the South.

Emma’s trauma is none of our concern; I don’t find this type of family “drama” entertaining, especially since we only see a sliver of the story. But it gave us more of Marlo’s background.

is the only cast member

Kandi is the only cast member who filmed with Emma after making amends with Marlo, which is fitting because she understands her mother’s difficulties. Kandi wraps up her barely-there tale by discussing trust with . Mama Joyce hasn’t been around much this season. 

Still, she made up for it by suggesting that Riley get preferential treatment when dividing up the estate and Todd should get little to nothing because “why set somebody up with a lavish life,” meaning whoever Todd chooses to be with next could benefit from Kandi’s empire.

Kandi agrees, as long as Todd’s new woman isn’t legally obligated to her salary or children’s inheritance. OK. Mama Joyce says she should control the trust in addition to Don Juan, which is code for kicking Todd out if her daughter dies.

Hair Care is in 5,000 CVS stores, a major accomplishment. Shereé redeems herself and her business, but not without turmoil, on show day. Shereé is dealing with stumbling models and unfinished pieces at the rehearsal the day before when Tyrone appears “randomly.”

In a confessional no one asked for, Apollo assures us that “media interaction and presence” is authorized. I didn’t fact-check this, but he’d know because he’s so eager to be on camera.

Apollo appears in this episode

Apollo appears in this episode. We saw Bob Whitfield and Olive Oyl (Tammy), Dwight and Lisa Nicole from Married to Medicine, OG Atlanta housewife DeShawn Snow, Peter Thomas with unbuttoned pants and a red Solo cup, Shereé’s mom Thelma, and Tyrone with Publix flowers.

The show starts two hours late, but Dwight looks directly at the camera and says, “This is ridiculous.” Finally, models wear Shereé’s designs. The looks are “thrown together by a shopper who knows nothing about fashion,” but everything is completed and wearable.

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Twenty-seven looks, hot models (specifically the one with the blurred face who did not sign the waiver to film). No problem. Purchase? No. Will somebody? Certainly. 

Fourteen years later, we have closed the beginning chapter of She by Shereé. I’m genuinely proud that children were born and started their periods when it took to get here.

Season ends with cast updates: Kandi hasn’t finished her trust but is producing another Broadway show, Sanya is trying for a kid, Drew and her boot haven’t read Ralph’s book, Marlo is building her new house, Kenya is traveling with , and you can get Her by Shereé here.