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Problem with MCU Adaptation! Harry Styles Eros creator warns!

Marvel introduced former One band member turned solo superstar and pop culture icon in a surprise role as one of Marvel’s strongest cosmic beings, . Eternals have not received the best reception from those who watched last year’s big epic that introduced various elements to the .
The Eternals came onto the screen in the film’s post-credits scene; he teleported onto the Domo with his friend the Troll, where the remaining earth-stationed Eternals knew where their friends were.
Cast members alluded to an Eternals sequel in the works, but the confirmation made its way to or D23. The creator of the character has come out publicly to admit that there might be some problems adapting styles’ Eros into the MCU.

Warning from Eros Creator!

, a creator of characters such as , Eros, and Pip, asked how his newly introduced characters fit into the MUC’s world. Starlin quickly noted, ‘Pip will be the comic relief; he is a teleporter that brings in all sorts of possibilities.
Eros is an interesting character that left him as a sociopath and he is a sexual predator. So this will be curious to see how the MCU Eros fares against the other. People who don’t know Euros from Comics, he is a womanizing Eternal that is key power is the use of his psionic ability to stimulate people’s pleasure center.
, director of Eternals, revealed her backstory for Harry Styles’ Eros that he was stationed on titan with nine other Eternals, like Earth’s situation, leaving him to be a space outlaw of sorts. The comparison made by her was the duo of Eros and Pip the Troll to Star Wars and Chewie, with two on the run from Arnhem.

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MCU is handling Harry Styles’ Eros!

The character was very much the opposite which seems to be difficult for today’s age. It can be the flirty, womanizing type of guy he is in the comics, but his psionic powers will have to be dialed down. For future characters, the MCU will be safer at each step than usual.
On Disney Plus, Eternals is now streaming, and no confirmed sequel is currently in the works.

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