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Prior To Returning To School, Princess Charlene’s Daughter Gets Haircuts For Both Herself And Her Brother

Instagram Post

The royal twins of Monaco will get brand-new back-to-school haircuts when they go to class. and Princess gave themselves and their brother Prince Jacques his own haircuts, said in an Instagram post late Friday night. 

The 44-year-old queen revealed two photos of the appearances of her children and said in the description of her post, that Gabriella got herself, and her brother, a haircut!! Looking forward to starting school on Monday, she said in jest.

Responses from Fans

Princess Charlene’s post received responses from fans of the couple, one of whom wrote, Love this!! Think all sisters do this to their brothers at some moment. Another person said they had had a similar circumstance in the past and added,” Been there.” The talented seven-year-old hairdresser has changed her haircut on her own before. 

A year ago, Gabriella changed her hair and arrived in South Africa for a family reunion. At the moment, Princess Charlene uploaded a picture of her daughter’s creation to Instagram. Gabriella decided to give herself a haircut!!! she said in the description. I’m sorry, Bella I made every effort to rectify it, said the mother of two.


With a face-palm emoji, Charlene, a member of the royal family of Monaco since her 2011 wedding to Prince Albert, said, Looking forward to school on Monday. After their summer break, the kids are returning to school for a new academic year. The picture was adored by the royal’s fans, who also felt Charlene’s happiness in the circumstance. 

Fortunately, it grows back, so keep those scissors hidden, someone said. I adore this! Do you believe that all sisters have at some point hurt their brothers? one more said. Funny enough, this is not the first time Gabriella has made the decision to DIY her hairstyle. In a sweet family photo from South Africa that Princess Charlene published last year, her kid had a pretty unique hairdo.

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