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Princess Diana’s Bodyguard Says Prince Harry Should Have Royal Protection

Seems like we have a new very official member of Team Harry entering the ongoing public discussion about ’s rift with the royal family.

Prince Harry’s dispute about

’s former bodyguard, , is making the rounds talking to the press to promote his new book, Protecting Diana: A Bodyguard’s Story; he’s being asked to weigh in on Harry’s super public dispute about protection (/lack thereof) for his family when they visit the United Kingdom.

As a person who has professionally protected members of the royal family, Sansum seems to think Harry’s request is entirely reasonable.

Lee Sansum 100% thinks Harry should have protection

According to Us Weekly, Sansum said, “I don’t know what the stumbling block is there….I totally get it when he is back in the U.K.,” adding, “He should have protection. I don’t get why he isn’t given it.”

Sansum’s work in royal bodyguarding started after Diana’s divorce from when he was assigned to the security team for Dodi al-Fayed, who Diana was dating at the time of her death.

Diana didn’t have official royal protection at this time, and Sansum said he was honestly not sure if she refused royal protection or was denied it.

Dodi’s security team was the best one

He said, “A lot of people say she didn’t want it. People are saying that she couldn’t have it, I don’t know. I can’t comment on that,” and he stressed that Dodi’s security team was “the best security teams I’ve ever worked with, so she just happened to get security.”

And, FWIW, Sansum noted that Diana needed plenty of security even after she divorced Charles because being related to key working royals can be a risk factor.

He explained, “She was the mother of the heir to our throne and you could just think, sometimes I contemplate what would’ve happened. Say she’d have been kidnapped or say something would’ve happened to her, which quite easily happened to her.”

He continued, “It was a difficult situation all around, but we had two policemen with us from the British police. I would say ‘Look at the guys around you, we’ll protect you. Nothing can happen to you.’ I was just trying to calm her down and it had a calming effect on her.”

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