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Prince Harry Will Wear Civilian Clothes At Ceremonial Events To Mourn His Grandmother

While the of York will be allowed to wear at the lying-in-state vigil, the Duke of Sussex is denied the opportunity to mourn the Queen in uniform. He is expected to wear civilian clothing for official events, including the state funeral for the late monarch. served on the front line in Afghanistan during two tours of duty. Five ceremonial occasions will be the only ones where Harry and can dress in uniform, as they are not working royals. On Monday, St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh held its service for the deceased, as did Westminster Hall for the vigil during the lying in state, Westminster Abbey for the funeral, and Windsor for the committal.

What is the reason to wear a Military Uniform?

Andrew will guard the Queen’s coffin while he stands around her coffin during the Vigil of the Princes, wearing his uniform as a “special mark of respect.” As part of the lying-in-state later this week, the King, Princess Royal, and the Earl of Wessex are expected to attend with the Queen’s other children. In her decision, the Queen removed Harry’s honorary military positions, including Captain General of the Royal Marines, a blow to an ex-soldier proud of his decade in the forces. On Monday, he wrote that when he became an officer in the British Army in 2006, the Queen made a special appearance at his passing out parade.

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Queen’s relationship with Harry and Andrew

While reviewing the cadets, the late monarch seemed to have made him grin and blush during his “first meeting” with his Granny as “my Commander-in-Chief.” As a captain, a source confirmed that Harry wouldn’t wear a uniform to any events. After Andrew’s friendship with billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein sparked public outcry, he left public life. In this case, he claimed never to have met the woman. He was later forced to pay millions to settle the case.

His honorary military positions, including his position as Colonel of the Grenadier Guards, were stripped by the Queen in January, ahead of his legal settlement. In honor of his service during the Falklands War, Andrew holds the rank of Vice Admiral, and his uniform corresponds with that of the war. She was trafficked by Epstein when she was 17, and Giuffre alleged that he sexually assaulted her.

Queen’s decision during Duke’s death

The family of the Queen’s coffin processed behind it in military dress at St Giles’ Cathedral on Monday while Andrew wore a morning suit and his brother Edward wore a military dress. There were eight medals and decorations that Andrew wore: the South Atlantic Medal for his service in the Falkland Islands, the Silver, Golden, Diamond, and Platinum medals he was awarded for service in the Falklands, as well as the Royal Navy Long Service Medal with Bar and the Canadian Forces Decoration with Bar.

The Queen decided to forbid royal family members from wearing uniforms at the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh in April 2021. A departure from tradition but considered an eloquent solution. According to reports, Andrew was considered to be wearing an admiral’s uniform. The fallout from his disastrous Newsnight appearance prevented him from being promoted to Admiral in 2020.