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Prince Harry said Windsor Castle wouldn’t be the same again after the Queen’s Death

The Queen left the World on 8th September 2022 at her . Her loss is largely griefed by well-known people of the World ranging from Donald Trump to Elizabeth Hurley and .

The citizens of England also grief for the Queen

The long-reigning monarch of the country was griefed for at the Windsor Palace. As they left flowers and candles outside Palace. Mourning the of II. The members of the bear the biggest loss.

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King Charles cried in front of the World during his mother’s Death

The Queen’s Grandsons, and , are deeply impacted by her Death. On Saturday, the World saw Prince William, , Prince Harry, and reunite after two years to greet the mourners of the Queen’s Death outside the Palace.

The brothers’ Prince William and Prince Harry, had a rather nice understanding and consideration of the situation. There was no fight or dispute between the two.

Taking a step back, we see each royal family member remembers the Queen in their way.

Prince Harry’s Word touches the very core of the heart as he remembers the Queen

Prince Harry stepped into the Palace after two years. He is sad he stepped inside the Palace after his Grandmother passed away. The people outside were happy to see the brothers Prince Harry and Prince William reunite.
Harry addressed the crowd. The Windsor Palace is now a “Lonely place” without the Queen.

He affectionately added, “In every room, she was in, we felt her presence throughout.”

Queen Elizabeth lived in Windsor Castle for two years. She lived in various houses owned by the Royal Families throughout her life. No doubt her absence will be felt by the members of the Royal family who lived with her. Prince Harry has a close relationship with the Queen.

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