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Prince Harry Praises Former Marine Amputee After He Was Forced To Call Off His Britain Trek

pulled off his

Lee Spencer stated on his website that he wanted to accomplish “something no one, able-bodied or challenged, has done before” with his . He intended to ride 1,060 miles, walk 45 miles, and swim 22 miles.

Spencer updated his followers on August 5 after starting his journey (the first cycle phase leg) on July 27. He said he was “extremely heartbroken” to stop the triathlon due to pain in his stump.

In his video, he said, 

“It got gradually worse and worse and then this morning, I just couldn’t cycle. The pain was excruciating. It was more than I could handle,”

’s support for Lee Spencer

Prince Harry, on a video call with Spencer, said,

“Spencer came around the entire U.K and then climbed two mountains, and only after that did he start to face issues with his stump and had to stop at the very last phase.”

“You put so much into this. I hope that you’re really happy, I know you’re not happy, but I hope that you feel really proud of yourself to have done what you’ve done.”

Spencer shared this video call on his Instagram page. 

Prince Harry chuckled that he wouldn’t “dare” inquire about Spencer’s plans.

Lee Spencer is known to Prince Harry

Harry and Spencer have a history of helping one another. Spencer was a part of the four-person royal rowing squad that completed a record 47-day the in 2016.

Following a tough race against competitors in good health, the four-person —made up of active-duty and past service members—became the first all-amputee crew to cross an ocean.

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After a particularly intense storm in the middle of the ocean, Harry called them unexpectedly and offered assistance. Their recovery and goal were supported by the prince’s , which strives to give the injured and wounded new challenges.

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