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Prey is exclusively available on Hulu: stream the new Predator film

Six films have been released in the franchise since 1987. The Xenomorphs have eviscerated Vietnam veterans, destroyed downtown LA, and hunted xenomorphs in Antarctica. is now brought to the native American tribe of Comanche, where an intergalactic hunter battles a fearsome warrior circa 1700.

The following instructions will help you watch online using the great value bundle Hulu-Disney Plus-ESPN Plus available in the US. It was hinted at in the 1990 sequel when ’s character received a pistol engraved with “1715” after defeating an alien clan.

Last but not least, Prey explores a fascinating aspect of the franchise: the between a predator and the Comanche tribe under its laser sights. Aison and Trachtenberg strive to create a portrayal of Comanche culture that is authentic, which includes hiring mostly Native Americans.

The cast includes as Naru, a young woman determined to prove herself as a warrior and hunter. , , and play the hulking predator itself. With breathless action and gleefully gory visuals, Prey promises to be the best Predator movie ever.

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