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‘Prey’ ending suggests a dark fate for Naru’s tribe

There are rave reviews for ’s new Predator prequel movie , which is out now on . It is set 300 years before the iconic 1987 original starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and follows the titular alien during the time of the Comanche Nation on the American Great Plains.

There are mountain lions, wolves, and bears roaming wild in The Predator, and pioneers exploiting the land. In the following paragraphs, we will be discussing SPOILERS for Prey’s ending. Go watch the movie if you haven’t already; you don’t want to be spoiled.

Prey ending explained

During Prey, Naru seeks to prove herself to her people as an aspiring hunter. The Predator kills a lot of people until only Naru remains to face it on her own: even though Prey is a groundbreaking film that keeps viewers on their toes, it still follows the standard structure of most Predator films: the Predator kills a lot of people until only Naru remains.

Naru returns to her tribe with evidence that she triumphed over the alien hunter after the dust settles. In addition to her trophy, Naru also brings back other souvenirs from her hunt. She and her brother Taaberun were caught up in a poaching incident in the wilderness during their adventure.

As the pioneers experience their run-ins with the Predator, Naru uses her herbal skills to treat one of their translators for a gruesome wound in exchange for the flintlock pistol and instructions on how to use it. Naru’s pistol proves essential in her fight against the Predator, and when she returns victorious she gives it to her former war chief.

It’s then that we get a chance to look at the pistol, which bears an inscription that should send longtime Predator fans into geek heaven. There is an engraving on the pistol Naru uses in the film that reads “Raphael Adolini 1715.”Exactly. This is the same flintlock pistol that Lt. receives as a trophy when he defeats one of the titular predators in Predator 2.

It may not be the last time Naru’s tribe faces a predator

The easter egg looks pretty cool from the outside. The fact that Naru is given this pistol in 1719 almost certainly indicates that Raphael Adolini himself is the translator she assists. We finally get to see a view of the 18th-century pistol that Mike Harrigan won as a prize after his fight with the Predator in the second film.

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If you stop to think about it a little bit…this has some seriously dark implications for the future of Naru and her companions. The pistol she defeated in Prey eventually ends up in the possession of another Predator who is an elder of his species centuries later when Predator 2 takes place.

Naru’s tribe lives on the Great Plains, which implies that another Predator will visit them at some point in the future. Knowing how Predators operate, it’s no surprise that the Predator took possession of the pistol after killing whoever had it before.

As things stand, there’s no way to know whether the pistol was lost during Naru’s time or after his death. But that doesn’t mean it would be Naru or the settlement’s old war chief. Regardless, one thing is certain: that flintlock pistol belongs to a Predator. The Comanches who have it at the end of Prey have an ominous sign.


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