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Popular movie list to watch this week

Film festivals have already begun, and audiences are reaping the benefits. The Toronto Film Festival presents two premieres this weekend: Viola Davis stars in an African warrior-themed period action epic. Mia Goth reprises her “X” villain role for a prequel origin story. Furthermore, a comedic murder mystery set in the 1950s is directed by Sam Rockwell and Saoirse Ronan, and an Austrian psychological thriller remake starring Naomi Watts is directed by Naomi Watts, while Maya Hawke of “Stranger Things” and Camila Mendes of “” work together on a Netflix teen revenge comedy.

: Watch Viola Davis' ‘Gladiator'

Gina Prince-Bythewood's epic works in nearly every way it needs to, but it's not every action film that does. King Ghezo (John Boyega) asks Nanisca (Davis), the general of his feared all-female fighting unit, to recruit new troops when an empire threatens Dahomey. Aside from Davis, Lashana Lynch and Thuso Mbedu play Nanisca's right-hand woman and rookie warrior in the film.

: Sam Rockwell completists

Taking place in the 1950s this mystery is set in an intriguing 1950s setting. After a visiting movie director (Adrien Brody) is found dead at a popular stage play, a world-weary detective (Rockwell) is saddled up with a punny rookie cop (Ronan) to investigate what happened. As suspects pile up and plots become more convoluted, the mystery loses its way, but the movie does add an interesting real-life Agatha Christie angle to the film.

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Pearl: Horror fans looking for killer women

Much of the genre does not have famous female villains, which is why Goth's Pearl stands out. In 1918 Texas, during the influenza pandemic, the “X” antagonist is a farm girl who dreams of fame to escape her German mother and invalid father. As Pearl watches a dance audition, her seemingly innocent surface bursts with murderous intentions, a wicked nod to “The Wizard of Oz.”

Goodnight Mommy: For fans of Naomi Watts remakes

In addition to starring in many remakes, Watts also starred in “,” “,” and “King Kong.” As her twin boys, and Nicholas Crovetti, visit her, her face is bandaged while she recovers from surgery. In a decently potent version, she acts unusually around them, and they believe she's someone else, but it's not nearly as chilling as the original.

Do Revenge: Remember ‘Cruel Intentions?

Eleanor (Hawke) is her new classmate at school, and both have their enemies. Dreama (Mends) used to be popular but fell from favoritism. With twists, betrayal, and a chance encounter, the two girls join forces to combat their tormentors. Fans of 90s teen thrillers will love “Do Revenge” because it features a cameo and is snappy and clever.

: Then you're going to love these stories

It stars Letitia Wright (“Black Panther”) and Tamara Lawrance as Welsh sisters who, as children, refused to speak to anyone except themselves. The two create a fantasy world to escape their dull reality, but their isolation eventually leads to them being hospitalized. depicts their bizarrely colored landscape compared to dull reality.

: Fans of David Bowie

It is a trippy ride through the rock icon's greatest hits and cultural influence, made possible by Brett Morgen's use of interviews, live footage, and other archive materials. The film is not a conventional documentary; instead, it is a look at his art and creativity, allowing Bowie himself to reveal his spiritual and creative sides and immersing audiences in his musical evolution.

: The musical – The Broadway version of your favorite movie

This recording is of the West End production of Winona Ryder's 1988 dark comedy. The movie is a different experience, with Veronica involving herself in the bullying clique of Heathers, meeting rebellious J.D., and murders ensue. However, it's still satisfying enough for theatre buffs.

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