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Phase 6 MCU Multiverse Saga movies

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has certainly been no different; Marvel has almost consistently informed its fans of the future of all its franchises. In a recent San Diego Comic-Con presentation, Marvel outlined the future of the MCU.

from everything that has premiered after the Infinity Saga through to the end of Phase 6 in 2025. We outline the MCU as a whole, along with the newly confirmed Multiverse Saga, and specifically the Phase 6 movies of the MCU Multiverse Saga.

The Infinity Saga

Phase 3 of the MCU included everything from its very first film, Iron Man, to its very last film, Spider-Man: Far From Home. The Infinity Saga was impressive but compared to the built universe that the MCU has become and has built towards being.

the Multiverse Sage within Phase 4 has been quite impressive. As the culmination of everything that’s happened before, during, and after Phase 6, Phase 6 will be the ultimate conclusion of the MCU Multiverse Saga.

The Multiverse Saga Phase 6 Movies

Multiverse Saga will complete Phase 4 of the MCU, and as it was hinted at the end of the Infinity Saga, the next saga following The Multiverse Saga is likely to be revealed near the end of Phase 6. Release dates have been assigned to everything attached to the Phase 6 label between 2024 and 2025.”Fantastic Four” will be the first film to be set during Phase 6 of the MCU Multiverse Saga, and “Avengers: Secret Wars” will be the last film for Phase 6.

“Fantastic Four”

Phase 6 of the MCU Multiverse Saga is so far confirmed to have only three films, but Marvel has reserved two dates for future releases that haven’t been detailed in any way. More titles, or at least confirmation titles for the currently untitled, will be revealed as Phase 6 approaches.

Marvel has created an incredible and original franchise with The Fantastic Four, which unfortunately was one of several Fox-owned properties until Disney acquired Fox. Despite not being confirmed yet.

John Krasinski portrayed Mr. Fantatic in a parallel universe in ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’. Iron Man’s departure would be an incredible chance to add some human intelligence to the MCU, as Tony Stark was the mastermind behind anti-villain plans in the past.

“Avengers: Kang Dynasty”

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has announced Avengers: Kang Dynasty, the first of two Avengers films that will be released in the same year, 2025. In the absence of an Avengers film since “Avengers: Endgame”, it is unknown which characters could make up the Avengers of Phase 6.

However, the Avengers films tend to unite the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe against one common enemy. “Avengers: Kang Dynasty” is scheduled for Phase Four of the MCU Multiverse Saga, so Kang the Conqueror will likely be the ultimate multiverse threat by then. Kang was introduced in Loki, which created the overall multiverse of the MCU Multiverse Saga. However, the behavior of the other variants remains to be seen, leaving fans beyond intrigued.

“Avengers: Secret Wars”

A new Marvel movie, titled Avengers: Secret Wars, will be based on a widely popular comic book series of the same name that brought the Avengers and their villain counterparts to an unknown planet to battle each other for an interstellar being called the Beyonder.

Nevertheless, in the original comics, Kang was present as well as villains that have yet to be introduced to the MCU, as well as the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and their enemies. Because the MCU has not introduced these characters, and they know what fans know from the comics, it all comes down to a giant teaser.

Venom was created from the original event, but changes to the events of “Spider-Man: Far From Home” could either introduce the character sooner or ensure his appearance in “Avengers: Secret Wars”.

There have been no Spider-Man films confirmed for any further Multiverse Saga movies, but given Spider-Man’s significance to the date, and his experience with the multiverse, it is more than likely that he will return before Secret Wars. Ultimately, I believe the end of “Avengers: Kang Dynasty” will set up “Avengers: Secret Wars” as the greatest MCU movie.

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