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Pete Wicks gives emotional confession on being lonely: Fans got moved

Who Dares Wins is back again

The hit Channel 4 series returned to TV on Sunday night with 14 new famous people confronted with a ruthless determination course shown to the first-class group of ex-unique powers operators. During the show, Chief Instructor Rudy Reyes and his group of Directing Staff, , Mark Billingham, and Remi Adeleke, chose to look further into Pete, 33.

From the beginning, the group guaranteed Pete about being a “ladies’ man” as they inquired as to whether it was his “bad dream,” opening up the truth, the star conceded that he could have done it without discussing it. He added that he had spent most of his time on earth alone. He has been single his entire life; thus, he wasn’t especially great concerning connections.

Relationships of Pete

Pete Wicks gives emotional confession on being lonely Fans got moved (3)

The 32-year-old has been engaged with various high-profile bamboozling embarrassments, from sexting an Instagram model while on vacation with ex Megan McKenna to rehashing said virtual undermining TOWIE cast part, , two years after the fact.

From that point forward, TOWIE watchers have figured out he’s had an on-and-off casual relationship with  for over two years, something she put to an end in the last series since she wanted responsibility from him – and notwithstanding their conspicuous love for one another – he would have rather not given it to her. Presently, he’s on our screens having the most serious, physically accused discussions of Ella Rae-Wise, 21.

Pete about his mindset on relationships

Pete was asked about his life growing up, and he said that his family was originally from London and moved out to Essex. When he was 11, his father and mother got divorced. He did not have much contact with his dad, leaving the country and working away quite a bit.

He also confessed that he smokes and drinks, and it’s been so long since he entered the gym. He explained his attitude towards the relationship because of his fear that he might get hurt, and he was unaware of how to deal with the relationship. On hearing all his confessions, the Celebrity SAS fans got emotional about his pathetic situation.