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Pete Davidson reportedly enjoys the time of his life, according to Martha Stewart

In a candid interview, Martha gave her feedback about while promoting her .

A special appearance on Martha Stewart’s Podcast

The handsome Pete Davidson may soon appear on Martha Stewart’s Podcast.

The famous Pete Davidson known for his style may have his hands full with shows and appointments, but he could still make time to be on Martha Stewart’s Podcast.

Martha, while promoting her Green Mountain Coffee Roasters partnership, said Pete is doing two movies, and he has promised to be on her Podcast soon.

Fans flooded with their questions to Martha regarding Pete’s and Kim’s break up. She replied, “I’ll find out everything you want to know on the Podcast, aired on iHeartRadio and an Apple [Podcasts], too. But I’m excited to talk to him.”

Although when Pete appears on the Podcast is not declared. She had some nice things to say about Pete.

Martha said in the interview, “He’s having the time of his life. This guy is a talented actor [and] comedian, and who is a bon vivant at the same time. He’s fun.”

Martha shared that she invited Pete to appear on the Podcast when the viral meme of him dating the 81-year-old was true after his break up with Kim. Sorry for the spoiler, but he is not.

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Pete is not the first celebrity guest on Martha’s Podcast

Before him, and had appeared on the Podcast. As I recall, he was sitting in a limousine on Park Avenue, and I was going to a 7:30 meeting. He opened the door, and Sean Connery sat in that car. 

Martha replied, “And I said, ‘Of course, I care to get in, but I have a meeting in four minutes, and I have to go to the meeting. Bye!’ That was a mistake.”

Martha is still up early in the morning. She doesn’t leave her house without her green juice and a cup of coffee. Currently, she is promoting her Green Mountain Coffee Roasters’ all-natural flavors—the pumpkin spice blend.

She promoted her coffee brand,” [It] is so delicious and appropriate for the oncoming autumnal season. And I am so looking forward to it because I like autumn, and I’m so tired of the hot that this is just the nicest way to welcome fall.”

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