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Pete Davidson gently confronts Kanye West, Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband

is out in the public’s eye post his breakup with . He appeared at the on Monday, 2022. 

Pete appeared in ’s look at the Emmy Awards

While Pete was on the stage to present the award, he wore a dress that resembled close to Kanye West’s.

Netizens believe it was Pete’s way of throwing back at Kanye for mocking him. Although in a dignified manner. Pete attacked Kanye by copying his Mer Gala Look.

Do Pete and Kanye wear the same outfit

Pete was on the stage to give away the award for the . Kim Kardashian’s ex-bf was wearing a grey Dickies Eisenhower Jacket grey pants that matched the Jackets colour. He donned the look with White Sunglasses.

Pete’s look resembles Kanye’s from 2019 under the “Camp” theme. At that time, Kanye appeared for the awards with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

Since Kim’s waisted Corset and wet look, had become controversial. Kanye wore that outfit to keep the eyes on him.

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What message is Pete giving

Pete said nothing regarding Kanye West. Although the fans believe it was Pete’s way of answering back to Kanye. Kanye made fun of Pete after his breakup with Kim. He also made fun of Pete’s Depression and Anxiety.

Pete had a dignified way of making Kanye Uncomfortable.  Although Kanye has not reacted or said anything regarding Pete’s look resembling his from the Met Gala.

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