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Pauley Perrette Finally Spoke How She Know She Was Having A Stroke 

Telling The Truth Is, Of Course, A Big Deal

Former NCIS star spoke out about her stroke last year. Perrette, at the age of 53, revealed on Sept. 2 that she had a “massive stroke” a year ago. In a new Tonight interview, the actress revealed how she learned she was having a stroke and what saved her life.

Perrette woke up early in the morning that day and had “no feeling” on the right side of her body, she explained. At first, she thought she had just slept in a single funny position, but she quickly realized it was nothing like she thought but much more serious. She could not feel her finger touching her face and could not feel the laptop on her lap. She had “no feeling on the right part of her body” and said she could have “cut her finger off and would not even have known.” She called her doctor, who suggested she go to the emergency room as soon as possible.

Perrette’s Worst Experience

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Since Perrette had a telephonic appointment with her physical therapist later that day, she did not think she needed to go to the emergency room. Her doctor dictated she go and said her therapist would say the same thing. So, she, at last, did go to the emergency room as her doctor suggested.

She entered the emergency room, greeted the doctor, and said she couldn’t feel the right-hand side of her body and… OMG! OMG! she was on a gurney with a million things stuck in her arms and a bunch of medical people rushing her somewhere, she told ET. know how serious a stroke is and how immediate care is necessary.

Perrette was under observation in the hospital stroke ward. Therapists check everything that is needed, from speech to mobility. Then, she experienced “lingering effects” for a few months but is now somehow ok. She believes sharing her story will raise awareness of the signs of a stroke. She later said everyone could save themselves and others by knowing the signs of such stock. She requested everyone to go Stroke Awareness for further details. 

A Difficult Phase Of Life 

On Sept. 2, Perrette said she suffered a “massive stroke” a year ago amidst the worst period of her life. Before that, she lost many beloved family and friends, including her dad and then her cousin . She also said; still, a survivor after such horrible trauma of life she has been given so far, still so grateful, Still so full of faith, and still here!”