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Over Brittney Griner’s ‘Hypocrisy,’ Joe Rogan pokes fun at Kamala Harris, but is he right?

Joe and Podcast presenter recently blasted

, a comedian and podcast presenter, recently blasted the Biden administration for not enacting the federal decriminalization of marijuana that was promised during the campaign.

When Green Bay Packers quarterback appeared on an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan criticized Vice President for lamenting ’s jail term in despite the fact that she had imprisoned thousands of people for the same offense during her time as California’s state attorney general. Both left- and right-leaning observers frequently analyze Harris’ record on cannabis and law enforcement, but it is rarely placed into perspective. 

Who was found Guilty?

Brittney Griner, an Olympian and champion, was found guilty in Russia of drug offenses. Her defense relied on the idea that she was rushing to pack and unintentionally carried medical marijuana to Russia.

She is a certified medical marijuana patient in her home state. President Joe Biden stated that the nine-year sentence was unacceptable when the conviction was read. With today’s sentencing, Russia continues its illegal incarceration of Brittney Griner and Harris tweed. She has to be released right away. Every day, the @POTUS and I and the rest of the Administration are trying to reconnect Paul Whelan and Brittney with their families who miss them both terribly.

In our World

In our world where Kamala Harris is talking about how terrible it is that Brittney Griner is in jail, the hypocrisy over the Griner incident was blatant. You lock people up. You did, indeed. Rogan remarked on his show that there were “thousands of people in jail for marijuana.

Additionally, Rogan made a comparison between the problem and Biden’s recent executive order to cancel student loan debt. That’s awesome, Rogan exclaimed. But why, despite your assurances, did you guys fail to free those who had been imprisoned for marijuana offenses? They declared that they will legalize marijuana at the federal level. They declared that they will free convicts who were serving time for nonviolent drug charges. They said just that. All of that has not occurred.