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Only Fans Courtney Clenney held without bond Is the murder of her boyfriend a defensive act

, who models on OnlyFans as , argued not blameworthy to the homicide of her beau Christian ‘Toby’ Obumseli four months after his fatal wounding.

The OnlyFans and model expertly goes by Courtney Tailor, argued not liable to one count of second-degree with a lethal weapon on August 18, as per online court records surveyed by E! News. Per the records, Clenney presented a composed supplication, and her arraignment has been booked for August 31, four days after she was denied bond in her most memorable court appearance.

Claimed as an act of defense

The 26-year-old is blamed for lethally cutting her beau Christian on April 3. According to the Miami-Dade Police Department, officials answered aggressive behavior at home at around 5 p.m. nearby and tracked down Obumseli, 27, who experienced “a clear blade twisted” upon appearance. He was moved to Jackson Memorial Hospital, where he passed on from his physical issue.

Clenney was captured in Laupāhoehoe, Hawaii, on August 10 in association with Christian’s homicide. Notwithstanding, the model has kept up with that she acted justifiably, with her legal advisor Frank Andrew Prieto telling E! News recently that there was “obvious proof” Clenney had been guarding herself the evening of the cutting.

The shocking footage revealed the truth

Her lawyer Frank Prieto contended there wasn’t sufficient proof to comprise a homicide accusation and that she should have been delivered on bail until her preliminary, as indicated by WPLG. Woodward denied his proposition, setting Clenney in a correctional facility while she looks for her next trial.

After Clenney’s capture, an upsetting observation film of a different actual battle between the couple was delivered. The recording shows the social media celebrity over and over hitting her beau in the lift of their extravagant Miami condo.

The stunning film, required two months before her sweetheart’s passing, paints Clenney as the unmistakable attacker in the occurrence. The sweetheart should be visible in the recording attempting to push Clenney off him.

Charges from Obumseli’s brother

Prieto added that Clenney “was looking for treatment for her PTSD and related issues to this case” at the hour of her capture, and “it is an outright foul play to charge a survivor of abusive behavior at home and illegal exploitation with a wrongdoing.” “We will energetically guard Courtney and clear her of this unwarranted and outlandish charge.”

Then again, Obumseli’s family has questioned Clenney’s self-preservation guarantee and fights that he was the casualty of aggressive behavior at home. In a proclamation shared on August 12, Obumseli’s sibling, Jeffrey Obumseli, asserted that he was “unarmed when Clenney ruthlessly cut him in the chest from behind.”