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OMG! The Family Chantel: Lidia Spotted In The US Amid Pedro & Chantel Divorce

About The Messy Divorce Between The Couple

Pedro Jimeno has given fans many reasons to be suspicious. Now viewers are wondering if he planned to bring his mom, , to the US Pedro and his 90-Day Fiancé spouse, , are currently going through a messy divorce after Pedro left Chantel without trying to mend their problems. 

Pedro’s villainous mom, Lidia, has now been seen with her son in the United States during the divorce proceedings, which many The Family Chantel fans find secret.

When Pedro first married Chantel, her mother and father, and were highly suspicious of his intentions with their daughter. While many viewers initially thought Karen and Thomas were meddling, several fans now think Pedro set out to scam Chantel. 

Pedro, fortunately, waited to leave Chantel until he could sign for permanent citizenship without her assistance. He then fully switched his emotions and attitude and turned chillingly cold toward his spouse of over five years.

Many viewers now think Pedro set out from the kick to marry an American lady, use her for citizenship, and then bring his mom, Lidia, and her sister to the US. It appears that Pedro might now be trying to fulfill his suspicious goals.

LOL! Moral Support To Lidia

Pedro registered for divorce from The Family Chantel star Chantel on May 27 after being set apart from her for a couple of months. Reddit user u/Bitter-Unit-4998 posted a pic that shows Lidia was with Pedro in the US during this time. 

The user shared pics Lidia shared on Facebook that she enjoyed in Atlanta at the end of April and May. The user asked why Lidia was in the United States when Pedro and Chantel were set apart, while many followers didn’t think the timing was just uncommon. 

Many users laughed about Lidia providing “moral support,” as she has disgracefully never chosen the side of Chantel and only ever interfered with Chantel and Pedro’s marriage alongside Nicole. “She flew on her broomstick to Atlanta for emotional support. What a sweet witch,” u/nancy fancy remarked. LOL! 

Many followers of The Family Chantel noted it was interesting that Lidia finally decided to visit Pedro in the United States during his uncoupling. “This is like a full of sweet dishes, is he living in the house they own? And why had Lidia never gone out before till now??” user u/CardiologistAfter797 asked. 

Some people appeared to think that Lidia arrived due to Pedro separating Chantel, as she was likely eager to party because of the heartbreak and decide how Pedro’s divorce would improve her life. 

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Many followers think Lidia is the ultimate opportunist who will now want to join her son in the United States if luck allows. “She is there for her visa,” u/bohemianmermaiden said. “They have big smiles on their face because they were able to pull off their scam!!!” u/Professional_You2526 think.

Overall, Pedro has lost support from The Family Chantel followers at record speed. Though Lidia and Nicole were slammed for their shocking cruelty during The Family Chantel season 3, many fans have no more sympathy for Pedro after they discover that he falsified his emotional family plot line. 

Pedro’s current demeanor on The Family Chantel season 4 has shocked and angered viewers. The Dominican Republic native has been called out for mistreating Chantel, while he is also believed to have cheated on his wife, perhaps with his older criminal boss. The Family Chantel fans now believe Pedro is as morally corrupt as his villainous mother and sister.