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North America and key European territories sell Polish gay drama ‘Elephant’

There have been sales to TLA Releasing for US, Canadian, and UK distribution, Optimale for France, and Berlin-based Salzgeber Medien for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Born in Krawczycki’s hometown in the mountains of southern Poland, Elephant was inspired by his own experiences growing up.  This story revolves around a young man who runs a horse farm and takes care of his mother, whose preferences are not always his own. As their relationship becomes more difficult as he falls in love with Dawid, an older musician, he dreams of leaving home.

Filming took place last autumn on location near Warsaw in the Podhale region, sometimes called the “Polish Highlands”. Krawczyk said, “This is about a young man who hides his desires despite family obligations.”. It was important to me to portray a character who is both vulnerable and strong. The experience of many queer people in Poland can be understood by them. This story was a way for me to pay tribute to them and give them some hope, which Poland needs at the moment.

According to Jakub Mroz, Tongariro’s co-founder, the film’s international premiere strategy is currently being considered. Moreover, Mrozsaid he is looking for a bigger distributor to release Elephant in Poland, “so that it would send a message to the audience that the movie isn’t just for arthouse theaters.” With Elephant, Krawczycki makes his feature film debut along with Mrozas a producer, Jan Hrynkiewicz as the lead, Jakub Piek the director of photography, and Zofia Jocek as the costume designer.

Films with budgets no larger than €150,000 were eligible for funding through the Polish Film Institute’s First Film micro-budget scheme. As part of their preparation for the production, Mrozand Krawczycki took part in the Film Institute’s Impact training program.

According to Mroz, Impact played a very important role in the project. As a result of working there, we also improved our ability to resolve problems and conflicts that may arise between producers and directors.

Ahead of its screening at Two Riversides Film and Art Festival in the historic Polish towns of Kazimierz Dolny and Janowiec in August, Elephant has already been screened at New Horizons twice this week. As well as competing in the Microbudget Films Competition at Gdynia’s 47th Polish Feature Film Festival in September, the film has also been selected for the 47th Polish Feature Film Festival.


source: screen daily

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