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Neve Campbell explains why she did not return for Scream 6 due to pay issues

Despite rumors that has secretly signed on to after turning down the project due to disparities in pay, her recent comments indicate that she really isn’t involved in it, and she’s explaining why she chose not to return to .

In a conversation with People, she emphasized that it’s important for women to “fight for value,” which their offer didn’t do. According to Campbell, “the offer I received did not match the value I bring to this franchise, and that I’ve brought to this franchise for 25 years.”

In the actress’s opinion, if she had done five installments of a huge blockbuster franchise over 26 years, the number she was offered would not have been the same. I just couldn’t do that in my soul,” Campbell said. Feeling undervalued and feeling the unfairness around that, I couldn’t walk on set feeling that way.”

Scream’s global gross has reached $740 million, and while some may think Sidney’s story is over after January’s installment, she remains the logo of the franchise for many. As in many horror films, strong heroines play an important role, and while Ghostface represents Scream, interchangeable stuntmen play the role across all of them. With five movies to her credit over 26 years, Sidney’s absence in Scream 6 will be felt greatly.

Furthermore, Paramount Pictures is aware of her popularity in the role. Despite appearing in a supporting role this time, she is featured prominently on the last film’s official poster, which features the ensemble cast. In addition to her value as a signature part of the franchise, they should compensate her appropriately for her value as a signature part of the franchise.

It was confirmed in June that Campbell would not be returning for the sixth installment because of pay disparity. At the time, Campbell said, “Sadly, I will not be making the next Scream movie.” Being a woman has been extremely challenging, especially when it comes to Scream.

As I looked at the offer made to me, I felt it did not reflect the value I have contributed to the franchise. The decision to move on has been very difficult. My dear Scream fans, I love you all. As always, you have been so supportive of me. Over the past 25 years, I have been given so much by this franchise and I am ever grateful to you”.

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