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Netflix’s “Echoes” has the internet perplexed

The criminal series has only been available on for a week. Still, already the internet is understandably a mess.

Echoes is a limited series For those who have not yet binge-watched Echoes, it is a limited series with seven episodes (although considering its success, this may change). More importantly, it follows Leni and Gina, two identical twin sisters who have switched around most of their lives without their loved ones knowing. The effects of this are revealed when Leni mysteriously vanishes. It’s true if it sounds like a sinister remake of The Parent Trap.

is now in charge
While (or Henry Cavill?) plays Leni’s devoted vet-farmer husband, , doubles as Gina and Leni. After giving us the Stan drama Eden, Australian director Vanessa Gazy is now in charge of the camera.

Due to Gina and Leni’s double act, there is some uncertainty. Given that Monaghan portrays both roles, there is general agreement on the internet that it can be challenging to distinguish between the two personalities. Yes, it’s the purpose, but there aren’t any subtle distinctions between the sisters that the audience could pick up on, like a color scheme or a tattoo. We advise embracing the chaos. The confusion has made for a fun morning on Twitter.