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Netflix signs multiyear deal with Indian filmmaking duo Raj & DK

The Indian filmmaking duo and , also known as Raj & DK, have signed a multi-year deal with Netflix to produce and direct movies and series. Their quirky genre mashups and distinctive style have won both commercial and critical acclaim in a variety of Indian formats, including indie films, big-budget features, and their most recent series.

The company launched D2R Indie in 2021 to produce indie film projects from emerging directors. Film Bandi, the company’s first release, produced by Raj & DK, was a well-received Telugu-language comedy-drama helmed by first-time filmmaker and released last year on Netflix.

In addition, Raj and DK are in the process of developing the upcoming Netflix comedy crime thriller series Guns & Gulaabs as directors and showrunners. A nostalgic tale of firsts, from first love to the first kill, Netflix describes the project as “a story of love and innocence in a world of crime.”

According to Netflix’s head of content in India, , Raj & DK are one of the most original creative voices in the country.  “Besides their unique and innovative storytelling style, they are also a powerhouse studio.

We are delighted to continue our partnership with Netflix for a multi-year period that will bring superior entertainment to Netflix members worldwide.” In a statement, Raj & DK said, “We’re looking forward to creating big, unique stories and pushing the storytelling into new and exciting directions.”

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