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Neil Gaiman, creator of Sandman and stardom shares regarding casting

, the producer of Netflix’s and creator of the source comics, shares the origin of casting as Desire. In this news article, let’s see what the creator and one of the stardoms wish to mention regarding the casting in the series.

The creator contemplating the initiation of the series

, who portrays Desire in Netflix’s The Sandman, took an unusual path to earn the role, and co-creator Neil Gaiman showed admirers exactly where that path began.

On Twitter, Neil Gaiman shared a screenshot of a tweet he made in October 2020 contemplating the beginnings of the television series based on his epic comic series, as well as a response from Mason Alexander Park, which reads, “Will Desire be making an appearance on Season one?” They say, “And if so, please tell me you haven’t found them yet/are still auditioning.” 

This exchange, according to Neil Gaiman, “began the process of getting Mason Alexander Park as cast. But my original tweet now feels like it was written from a time that’s passed. The groaning hinges of the world indeed.”

A glimpse of the character

Mason Alexander Park, a non-binary actor, plays one of the Endless, seven immortal beings representing different aspects of life. 

Desire is likewise non-binary and rules over humanity’s yearnings, sexual and otherwise, and their physical form is extremely seductive to any who encounters them. 

Although making only sporadic appearances in the show’s first season, Desire has a critical impact as both a sibling of the lead character, Tom Sturridge’s Dream, and as an antagonist who delights in manipulating others.

Who is the admirer of comics?

In an interview, Mason Alexander Park explained how they had already been an admirer of The Sandman comics. He spontaneously decided to “tweet at Neil Gaiman and see if Desire’s been cast yet.” 

Neil Gaiman took notice and watched a few of Mason Alexander Park‘s videos, sending them on to showrunner Allan Heinberg. 

Mason Alexander Park explained, “That sort of started the conversation around doing the show. I’m very honored that was my introduction to everything. It’s been the gift that keeps on giving.”

Mason Alexander Park responded to Neil Gaiman‘s revisiting Twitter introduction with a brief pun about their role, saying, “Extremely grateful,” with a heart emoji.

In addition to Tom Sturridge and Mason Alexander Park, the cast includes Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Gwendoline Christie, and Stephen Fry, widely praised for their performances as the characters that Neil Gaiman created decades ago.

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All ten episodes of the drama series, The Sandman’s first season, can be streamed now on Netflix. The series has not yet been officially authorized for a second season.

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