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‘National Cinema Day’: Grab your movie tickets for $3 this Saturday

What is so special about ‘

On this National Cinema Day, you can get a for $3. This perk is available across in 3,000 , including art house theaters and chains like and Regal. The big have also joined in it.

This $3 movie ticket is exclusive of tax and subjected to third-party ticketing fees that sites may charge a few extras based on the service.

Generally, a movie ticket in America costs $9, and in a metro city, it costs between $18-$20; now, watching it for $3 is way better.  

This discount was announced by Owners, a nonprofit association for all the major theater chains in America and hundreds of small theater owners.

Many Americans have been limiting their budget by cutting their spending on entertainment as inflation is skyrocketing. The $3 movie ticket is quite a deal breaker, and Americans can afford a fun-loaded Saturday weekend in theaters. 

Covid-19 a changemaker

According to the data available from Box Office Mojo, a site that tracks box-office revenue, The Gross domestic box office revenue fell to a four-decade low of about $2.2 billion in 2020 as home streaming became a common phenomenon due to Covid-19 and a sharp decline of 81.4% from the $11.32 billion in the prior year.

Bloomberg reported that local theaters were still closed until December 2021, with no prior information on the reopening date. Gallup Poll results further add that from January 2022, 61% of Americans did not visit the theater in 2021. 

, the second-largest theater operator and the owner of Regal Cinemas, announced that it would file for bankruptcy protection due to huge debt stacking on it. 

 and  made the blockbuster and gained a box office hit in 2022, right after the end of the pandemic.  

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Streaming services led to the downfall of theaters

According to analysts, domestic box office sales might surpass $7.5 billion this year, representing 70% of the revenues seen in 2019.

This discounted movie ticket can seduce consumers to theaters on this National Cinema Day but cannot guarantee the long-term recovery that it suffered. Popular streaming services cost around $5.99 monthly for basic plans, and a premium plan costs $79.99 monthly. 

Due to this, people opt for more comfortable watching from home rather than opting for cinema theaters. 

Anyway, watching a movie on “National Cinema Day” for $3 is like watching the movie in a modern theater way back in 1982, as, at that time, it cost the same.