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Myth Busted! Queen Elizabeth II did not die due to poisoning by a vaccine

It is the mourning day for Britain and the Commonwealth realms following the death of II on September 8, 2022, due to her old age medical conditions. However, there have been lots of hoaxes which have been going on since the demise of the longest-reigning monarch.

A tribute to the long-reigning Queen

As a tribute to the longest reigning female monarch, the Union flag was lowered at the Palace of Westminster in London. The palace administration did it after the death of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday, September 8, 2022. Britain’s darkest day in history after the death of George VI, father of the monarch herself.

Queen Elizabeth II, who was lovingly called Lilibet by her close ones, was Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, serving seven decades on the throne. She was 96 and had her last breath in Balmoral Castle. 

Lilibet was only 25 years old when she took to the throne after her father’s death; she was titled Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Elizabeth, I ruled over Britain in the 16th Century from the house of Tudors. Queen Elizabeth II, the monarch of the House of Windsor, ruled over the whole of the twentieth Century.

The unnecessary and hoaxes

Over the years, various social media has spread out several death hoaxes over the last monarchs. There was no exception for Queen Elizabeth II, rumoured to have .

But on September 8, 2022, Balmoral Castle busted all rumours and announced that she had died at age 96 due to natural causes, not some COVID-19 vaccination and the booster dose.

The royal family has not specified any specific unnatural cause of death. Still, the micro-blogging site Twitter made some unsubstantiated claims that her passing away was connected to the COVID-19 vaccine, which triggered the deterioration of her health conditions.

“The Covid vaccines target old people; look at the queen,” one tweet said. However, Queen Elizabeth II dying from the COVID-19 vaccine is a complete hoax. 

“It poisoned the queen with the vaccine,” another one said on Twitter. Sometimes people forget to use these brains in the first place. No wonder these people are the ones who still believe that our Earth is flat. A person cannot be poisoned with COVID vaccination; this much common sense, some of the Twitterati majorly lack.

The information the Balmoral Palace authorities shared did not mention poisoning or targeting older people with the COVID vaccine. These myths are why many people become reluctant to take the vaccine in the first place.

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The official announcement

The palace on September 8, 2022, that “the queen died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon.” It is well comprehended that Queen Elizabeth II spent several weeks each summer at . So, as usual, she was present in Balmoral Castle, although her health was deteriorating.

However, the palace announced hours before Queen Elizabeth II’s death that she was under medical supervision. But, there was no sign of mentioning that she is having complications due to COVID vaccine poisoning.

Queen Elizabeth II’s son, now newly crowned , expressed his deepest sadness on Twitter that he and his family “mourn the passing of a cherished Sovereign and a much-loved Mother profoundly.” Nowhere did King Charles III mention that the COVID-19 vaccine was one of the reasons which increased the toxicity level in the body of Her Majesty and caused her death.

How tragic; within a year of the death of , Queen Elizabeth II died. It looks like the pair have been inseparable since their marriage in 1947. The Queen has previously mentioned her loneliness without the Prince. Maybe the love of Prince Phillip put the Queen to eternal rest.

Queen Elizabeth II and her late spouse, Prince Phillip, were first vaccinated against COVID-19 in January 2021. However, she got tested positive for COVID-19 about a year later. But, the palace authorities did not mention news of any toxicity in any reports shared.

Later, News reports noted that Queen Elizabeth II had been fully vaccinated and had received a by her diagnosis. She was healthy enough and was fighting her mild symptoms.

The ridiculous hoaxes

However, it is not the first time Queen Elizabeth II has faced a hoax. In 2015-2016, some people spread a nasty rumour over social media that Queen Elizabeth II drinks human blood to increase her lifespan. People are so hyped with all forms of royal life that they did not stop dragging Countess Elizabeth Bathory into Queen Elizabeth II’s longevity in life.

Nevertheless, back in 2021-2022, the palace kept updating about Queen Elizabeth II in the following months. The media later reported stating that the Queen’s physical health was deteriorating due to old age issues, especially after she was diagnosed with COVID-19. There were obvious chances that she had certain comorbidity.

However, nobody said anything about a vaccine endangering the Queen’s life. However, Twitter created this typical hoax that the Queen died out of toxicity through COVID vaccination and the booster dose.

Reports, as placed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, older adults are most likely not to get severely affected by COVID-19. 

Scientific theory and surveys

Surveys have shown that people 65 and older who got doses of the Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccines showed a ninety-four per cent reduced risk of being hospitalised or getting poisoned because of the disease or the vaccine itself. 

The studies placed by the World Health Organization have shown that COVID vaccines are safe and that severe side effects, including death, are almost nil.

So, the bizarre, baseless claims that the Queen died because of the COVID-19 vaccine lacks all the . So, chances are the real death due to vaccination is a fake rumour.