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Mystery! Glass Onion: Knives Out sequel is back with a new puzzling trailer

, Mystery, and Mystery are what : A Out is all about. They have dropped their new teaser, and already they are making history. According to fans and critics, the teaser is fitting. It is about tomorrow’s Mystery which is holding something in the form of a puzzle.

A is on its way

The oddly-titled mystery Glass Onion is the first sequel to Rian Johnson’s hit 2019 whodunit, released under the name Knives Out. The storyline showed Daniel Craig playing a gentleman detective opposite a star-studded cast of potential murderers.

Daniel Craig has something in him which gives him the espionage effect every time. Whether it is James Bond 007 or Glass Onion: A Knives Out, he has the suave to give it perfectly to his people. Rian Johnson and Daniel Craig’s equation has always been very classy, like the relationship between Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.

Before Knives Out was released, Johnson signalled to the media that he wanted to create more movies centred around Daniel Craig’s delightfully eccentric . The first movie received critical and commercial success, such that Rian Johnson was up and ready with two follow-ups of the first film.

Knives Out Two will break the stereotypes as it will be released on the OTT platform, a much different choice from the first film. The Knives Out Two would debut on Netflix this upcoming fall and would not go for the exclusive release at the theatres.

Benoit Blanc is back again

Daniel Craig returns as Benoit Blanc, but he will handle a different case this time and work alongside a new set of cast members playing different characters.

The storyline looks simple yet has many intricate details, nooks, and corners. The movie starts with Edward Norton, who plays a tech billionaire, inviting some of his friends to his private Greek island for a fun vacation. However, things get grave and sour as someone soon turns up dead.

This murder or sudden death paved the way for Benoit Blanc to take a deep plunge into his latest tricky case. The other actors there alongside Daniel Craig in ‘Knives Out two’ are Kathryn Hahn, Kate Hudson, Dave Bautista, Leslie Odom Jr., and Janelle Monáe. The prominent cast members are playing significant roles in the sequel.

The first trailer of Knives Out two debuted on September 8, 2022. Twitter Movies took the pleasure of releasing a teaser presenting the shifting mystery of the case and the hype surrounding it. The short video trailer on Twitter confirms the premiere but does it in a mysterious yet known way – the announcement of the sequel by sliding puzzle composed of bright blue squares.

The trailer shows the puzzles automatically sliding until the right name gets formed – Glass Onion: Knives Out while keeping one square place empty, showing the logo of Netflix. The whole trailer is a tricky move as, at first, nothing can be understood until the name is formed mechanically.

It might be instinctive to make the fans think as they try to read into the choice of the puzzle here. It’s more like everything is out there in front of their eyes; all they have to do is to set it in the right way. Now here’s the trick, how to set it correctly? Daniel Craig’s job in this movie is to set the puzzle the right way in the sequel.

The first Knives Out movie featured a board game called Go which has an incredibly surprisingly yet prominent role in the movie. Fans and movie critics are assuming that perhaps Glass Onion will continue that motif with another kind of tabletop activity. Anyhow it is a simulation of the tabletop mystery, first the board game, now a sizzling mystery puzzle that looks complicated by solving it will bring in the answer.

The choice of the puzzle

The puzzle with blue squares is pretty triggering; it makes the mind rethink and arrange when all is going within the trailer. The blue boxes are carefully placed and then moved accordingly such that, at last, it reaches out to the right places to form the name.

The explanation is such that maybe the filmmaker chose the triggering puzzle to represent the ever-shifting character of the central Mystery. The boxes are the characters in the movie, and Daniel Craig’s character will have to keep sliding the boxes due to their shifting nature until he can place the right boxes in the right places to solve the Mystery and discover the death.

The trailer is itself teasing, so fans can expect that the movie will be more compelling. It’s like playing a game where nothing seems to go right until it is made right.

Rian Johnson degraded the typical murder mystery format he followed in the first film, so the fans can assume that the odds are good that Knives Out two will be able to do the same. The sequel is both expected and unexpected; nothing can be said except that it’s a puzzle which needs to be solved to solve this person’s death.

The new trailer is a superhit

Audiences might initially expect the movie’s plot to slide in one direction, but it may surprise them as it would probably shift elsewhere.

There have been loads of speculation surrounding the sequel Knives Out two, and all will be laid to rest by the mysterious yet funky trailer.

The first Knives Out two trailer is receiving such a build-up and positive response, stirring the audience to such an extent that it shows just how successful its predecessor movie was at its time of release.

If anything, people are looking forward to this upcoming movie. The sequel has become one of the fall’s most anticipated movies. Netflix binge-watchers are waiting for this movie to go on air to get into the Mystery of the sliding blue boxes.

Each bit of news related to this movie is treated as a major reveal for the audience. Every piece is a key to solving the Mystery.

However, Rian Johnson is smart enough not to reveal too much but then spill out exactly as much he wants the audience to know and remain hooked.

The critics hope the trailer will keep most of the movie’s mysteries close to the vest. However, Johnson has made sure also to answer some major questions. The biggest query lies with the fact that which top-listed star in the movie will be the victim and who will be the murderer?

Knives Out two will debut on Netflix in late December, but the promotional puzzle begins now for the audience to keep them wanting more.