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‘My arm needed to be rebuilt,’ says Eugenio Derbez of a recent accident

Earlier this month, was rushed to the hospital after sustaining injuries caused by a car . “Acapulco” star Mike Epps took to Live on Sunday to thank his fans for all the love they've shown him online since the accident, explaining he barely touched his phone since being sedated for so long. As Derbez asserted in Spanish, “What everyone wants to know is what happened, how it happened, and why it happened.” “Everything happens for a reason,” he said.

explains Derbez's injuries

His elbow was directly injured after falling on some stairs while wearing the VR headset while playing a game with his son, Derbez said. “I immediately knew I had multiple, serious fractures when I fell, which sounded like dried branches breaking,” Derbez recalled. In an , Derbez's wife, actress, and singer described his injuries as “delicate” and requiring complex surgery.

Having sought treatment in a hospital, Derbez flew to Los Angeles to see a surgeon. Due to the seriousness of his condition, the doctor initially declined to operate on him. In total, nearly 20 screws were placed in Derbez's arm. “I had five large fractures, as well as about ten smaller fractures,” he said. “They needed to reconstruct my arm,” he explained, showing an X-ray. His doctors told him a full recovery wouldn't be guaranteed and that it could take six months to a year for his arm to regain full mobility.

How is Rosaldo feeling now

Despite being busy for the past year, the actor said the accident may have been a sign from the universe to slow down professionally. Among his most recent films, “Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe,” which premiered at the in early January, are the Oscars' darling “,” the Apple TV+ comedy “Acapulco,” and the Hulu rom-com “.” Derbez said he had only visited his house twice in the last six months. He was happy at work but felt like he was in prison because he couldn't take time off.

Streaming platform Vix+ is currently developing a comedy called “,” which Derbez will star in and executive produce. The actor is currently involved in two pre-production projects, one for Netflix and one for Sony. The rapper wished to share an update on his health with fans, but his Instagram Live video informed his fans that he would be unplugging from social media until he has recovered sufficiently.

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