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Musk’s lawyer claims that the Twitter deal was slowed down because of war risks

It’s clear from ’s texts that Inc. is trying to convince a that it’s not spam or bot accounts they’re concerned about but buyer’s remorse rather than buyer’s remorse about the deal.

Musk’s detailed conversation

A text message between Musk and a banker was brought into evidence by Bill Savitt, a for Twitter, during a Chancery Court hearing on Tuesday. Musk requested that the banker slow down the deal until after Russian President had defended the decision to invade Ukraine in his speech the following day. A few weeks ago, Musk had already agreed to buy Twitter for $44 billion and said it would not make sense to buy it if the world was heading into World War III.

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The Delaware Chancery Judge Kathaleen St. J. McCormick heard Musk’s request to delay the trial, which will now occur on Oct. 17. Musk has attempted to walk away from the agreement based on an allegation by a whistleblower that Twitter misled investors about spam and bot accounts. Later this week, the judge will decide the case.

Finally made a decision

As a result of Musk’s decision to interfere with the proposed buyout deal, Twitter is attempting to force him to complete it, claiming that it had not adequately addressed his concerns about accounts and posts on its platform. Twitter argues that Musk’s departure from the social networking company resulted from a broader market decline attributed to the conflict in Ukraine. Musk, on the other hand, contends that Twitter’s daily active user base is dominated by fake users and spam accounts, hence his objection to the acquisition.