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‘Most Tense’ Royal Moment Ever ‘Caught On Camera’ – Including Meghan’s ‘Performed Smile’

Judi’s Statement

The UK Royal Family is constantly being photographed, so it’s unsurprising that, on occasion, the cameras pick up those rare moments when smiles drop. Body language expert Judi James spoke about the Royal Family’s “most tense” moment to date. Judi said, “Like all families, the royals have had their share of tense moments, but so many of them have been caught on camera to allow the toes to curl for decades after they occurred.

The Most Notable Tense Moment

“There was the palpable tension in both the Queen and the Queen’s mother’s rigid, clenched-teeth facial expressions as they met up with Wallace Simpson after Edward’s death and there were numerous, iconic moments between Charles and Diana as their relationship crumbled in front of our eyes.” However, the most notable tense moment within the family was when Harry and Meghan came “face to face” with Charles, William, and Kate at the Commonwealth Service in 2020.

A Joint Statement

On January 8, 2020, the couple released a joint statement explaining that they were stepping down as “senior royals,” hoping to carve out a “progressive new role” within the institution. Judi explained the moment of extreme familial stress: “Previous services had seen the two couples making muffled attempts at mingling and grouping together, but by this outing, it was and already seated by the time William and Kate glided in to take their seats in front. “Some of the tension seemed to have spread to Edward and , who performed the kind of bright, breezy, and over-smiling role of social buffers between the two couples.”

Prince Edward sat directly behind William and next to Meghan and was spotted beaming as he spoke to his nephew in what could have been tremendous awkwardness. “Meghan held a perfectly-performed social smile throughout and seemed to say ‘hi’ to William and Kate as they took their seats,” Judi continued. “Her face did drop quite quickly though and although the Cambridge’s faces were turned away from the cameras, there was an assumption that they had been less than fulsome in their greetings.”

There did seem to be a slight shyness and undercurrent of tension as William, Kate, Harry, and Meghan sat in the pews, which was not present as they entered Westminster Abbey.

As for William, “he sat for much of the service with his lips clamped together and slightly sucked in to suggest regret and some anxiety.”

Meghan Managed To Conceal Her Stress

While Meghan managed to conceal her stress towards the situation slightly more with a “perfectly-performed social smile,” Kate was not so successful in this, according to Judi.

She explained: “Kate’s normal perma-smile vanished and her eye-expression looked sad while her facial expression lacked animation.”

As for Harry, the youngest Windsor brother “showed the most emotion.”

He appeared to sit behind his brother, “gazing down reflectively,” with a “haunted eye expression” that became synonymous with the Prince.

Judi called this “his signature look at the time” and claimed that he even appeared “close to tears” during the service. This suggests that there could have been a lot of sadness behind the tension.

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However, the change in Harry was extremely dramatic as soon as he was out of the situation when the Cambridge’s left and got into their car.

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