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Most Expensive Piano Brands Around The World.

Customization is a common trend in the ultra-luxury market. People want customized products that are produced to order for anything from vehicles and jets to high-tech devices and house couture perfume. It makes sense that a client would treat a significant investment like a grand piano with the same level of commitment and love. What fires a desire for people who adore luxury pianos is the ability to own the gorgeously sounding instrument and create a personal statement with the grand piano’s style and finish.

However, piano makers have been that outperform and are more virtuosic than others. are the most sought-after, have and beautiful designs and are preferred by who value superiority in sound and art. They are correspondingly more expensive, though.

Following is the list of the world’s top 10 luxury piano brands

C. Bechstein

Most Expensive Piano Brands

In 1853, the German firm started producing C. Bechstein pianos. There are two quality levels under the brand: the more expensive C. Bechstein lines and the less expensive B series under the name Bechstein. Despite the company’s claims that both lines are produced in Germany, some Bechstein parts are purchased since they are more affordable in the Czech Republic.

Compared to the B series, the C. Bechstein has more elegant and sophisticated cabinetry. Because of the greater sound quality, movements, and royal hand-rubbed finish on its plates, the line is expensive. Conversely, the B series’ plates are routinely sprayed and have a warmer tone quality as a result.

Grand piano models from the C series, such as the D 282, C 234, B 212, M/P 192, and L 167, are priced between $119,000 and $320,000, while those from the B series are priced between $67,000 and $110,000.


Most Expensive Piano Brands

In 1828, Vienna, Austrian native Ignaz Bosendorfer established his upscale piano business. Bosendorfer pianos benefited from Franz Liszt’s endorsement, which contributed to their ascent to renown. In fact, this business was designated as Austria’s official piano manufacturer in 1830.

Its Imperial Grand model stands out in both appearance and sound. Eight octaves, a 97-key keyboard, and more than 9’6″ make up the concert grand. Many composers, including Bartok, Busoni, Ravel, and Debussy, have benefited from its additional bass keys.

Yamaha bought Bosendorfer in 2006 and now operates it separately. Less than 500 pianos are produced annually by the top boutique brand, and almost all of them are sold in the US.

The Bosendorfer 290, 280, 280VC, 225, 214, 200, 185, 170, and 155 grand piano models are available for between $118,000 and $520,000.


Most Expensive Piano Brands

Since 1853, these top-notch pianos have been produced in Germany. When compared to other German bands, they offer a warm, romantic, and poetic tone.
Bluthner pianos are renowned for their exceptional construction quality, distinctive technical characteristics, and corporate ethos. They are also among the greatest piano brands in terms of quality.

The ambitious, translucent lucid piano is Bluthner’s creation. Based on the client’s preferences and creativity, the Bluthner Lucid Elegance is available with various veneers and iron frame coatings.

There are several different Bluthner grand piano models, including the Bluthner models 1, 2, 4, 6, 10, and 11. The pricing range for models 1, 2, 4, 6, 10 and 11 is $83,000 to $300,000.


Most Expensive Piano Brands

Due to its stellar reputation for performance quality, extensive customising options, and dependability, the brand has a great popularity among pianists. The majority of them play these pianos for fun, competition, and performances.

Every year, Fazioli creates about 170 grands, ranging in height from 5’2″ to 10’2″. The six models, which have incredible sound performance dimensions, have been transformed by artisans into a dazzling range of art cases. These models can be customised and ordered in a variety of ways, including with countless wood, semi-precious jewel, inlay, mosaic, and painting embellishments.The brand favours rare, exotic timbers and briers like California Walnut and Amboina.

The Fazioli F308, F278, F228, F212, F183, and F156 grand piano models are available for between $120,000 and $500,000.


Most Expensive Piano Brands

Friedrich Grotrian and CF Theodor Steinweg introduced the brand in 1853. The owner of piano manufacturing has changed a few times throughout its lengthy existence.

The treble-sustaining qualities of Grotrian pianos are exceptional, and they offer a delicate and light sound of attack. It also has a stronger bass and a darker tenor compared to other pianos. Because of this, many well-known pianists value and recommend Grotrian pianos.

Two grand pianos are connected together and played as one by the Grotrian Duo. The Concert Royal, Concert, Charis, Cabinet, Chambre, and Studio 192/208 are other opulent piano types. They range in price from $67,000 to $165,000.

Steinway & Sons

Most Expensive Piano Brands

The American piano sound that distinguishes Steinway models is one that includes a strong bass, a treble with tonal colour, and a resonant midrange. The Steinway B, which is favoured by many technicians, and Steinway grand pianos are among the top piano manufacturers.

However, the quality of the Steinway grands has changed over the years due to ownership changes. These models are therefore at the low end of the spectrum for luxury instruments. To address this inconsistent quality of its models, Steinway should collaborate with devoted dealers who have access to abundant technological resources. Aside from that, its pianos are outstanding.

Models A, B, D, M, O, and S of Steinway grand pianos are available for between $66,000 and $215,000 each.


Most Expensive Piano Brands

The Sauter piano company, which has been manufacturing pianos since 1819, is led by Ulrich Sauter, who is situated in Spaichingen, Germany. High-quality woods like yew, pyramid mahogany, burl walnut, and ebony are specially crafted into the instrument’s structural and sonic components. At the foot of the Alps, the Sauter plant produces up to 120 grand pianos and 800 verticals annually.

Over the course of their more than 20-year partnership, Sauter and famous European designer Peter Maly have received numerous important honours for their works.

The bass and treble sides of the 7′ 6′′ Sauter Ambiente are asymmetrically bent. White inlays and colourful lines are applied on the soundboard of the 7′ 3″ model 220.

The Concert 275, Omega 220, Delta 185, Noblesse 160/185, Alpha 160, Queen Anne 160, Chippendale 160/185, Ambiente, and Vivace are examples of Sauter grand piano models. between $95,000 to $230,000.

Steingraeber & Sohne

Most Expensive Piano Brands

In 1852, Eduard Steingraeber established this piano business in Bayreuth, Germany—a historic city famous for hosting the yearly Wagner festival.

Steingraeber manufactures 80 grand annually and caters to the top end market. Their five grandchildren range in height from 5′ 7″ to 8′ 11″.

For people with physical disabilities, such as those without legs, the business includes a piano. For a new range of high-end pianos, it is also collaborating with Chinese Pearl River and working with furniture designers.

Concert Grand E-272, Semi-Concert Grand D-232, Chamber Concert Grand C-212, Salon Grand B-192, and Salon Grand A-170 are its grand piano models. Prices range from $102,000 to $270,000.

Shigeru Kawai

Most Expensive Piano Brands

When it comes to expensive grand pianos, many consumers concentrate on European manufacturers; however, the Japanese have also joined this league.

Since 1927, Kawai has produced some grand pianos of exceptional quality. Koichi Kawai, the company’s founder, is Shigeru’s father, and Shigeru Kawai is his ideal merchandise.

The company is renowned for combining cutting-edge technology, premium woods, traditional workmanship, and a visit from a Kawai master technician within the first year to ensure correct setup and guarantee top-notch servicing, among other things.

They include the SK-EX Concert Grand, SK-7 Semi-Concert Grand, SK-6 Orchestra Grand, Sk-5 Chamber Grand, SK-3 Conservatory Grand, and SK-2 Classic Salon Grand, among other grand piano models. The price range of a Shigeru Kawai piano is from $64,000 to $239,000.


Most Expensive Piano Brands

Many artists throughout the world love and admire Yamaha grand pianos. The company offers two high-end collections, including the CF series, which includes the 9′ model CFX, 6’3″ model CFA, and 7′ model CF6.

The most recent CF-series pianos are heavier and have a thicker rim than the models that came before them. The CF series was developed over the course of 19 years by Yamaha’s designers, engineers, and artisans.

Olga Kern, Michael Tilson Thomas, Elton John, and Chick Corea are some well-known artists who support and use the Yamaha concert grand.

DCFEX3PRO, CFX, CF6, and CF4 are some of its grand piano models, with prices ranging from $105,000 to $260,000.

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