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Mind-blowing! ‘Jaws’ Destroys ‘Honk For Jesus,’ ‘Gigi & Nate’ – Specialty Box Office

Labor Day weekend saw

Cheap tickets over Labor Day weekend buoyed blockbusters old and new, as were limited vacancies like Saloum, which had multiple sold-out screening tests at two theaters, just like every showtime on Saturday.

According to the Comscore

Over 3,000 theaters, including the IFC Center and Alamo Drafthouse LA, where the French-Senegalese indie film began a qualifying run, offered $3 tickets for National Cinema Day. The advertising event has a preliminary return of 24.3 million dollars for Saturday.

Even with special discount admissions, that’s 9% higher than the previous Saturday, thanks to re-releases ranging from Spider-Man: No Way Home from last year to from 1979, as well as tent poles that have been in theaters for weeks or months, led by Top Gun: Maverick. The box office had increased.


Gigi & Nate from Roadside Attractions

by Focus Characteristics was not among them. Save Your Soul., which debuted on 1,880 screens, streamer Peacock simultaneously, and Gigi & Nate from Roadside Attractions debuted on 1,184 screens. Forecasts for Honk for Jesus are $1.44 million for three days and $1.75 million for four days.

Gigi and Nate hope to make $1.06 million over the three-day weekend. Honk earned $430K on Friday and $610K on Saturday. The film is expected to earn $400K today and $310K on Monday, despite a 74% Rotten Tomatoes rating from critics and a C- CinemaScore, as well as 45% in the top two boxes and a low 28% suggest.


It played best in the East, South, and Midwest

The audience was 62% female, 61% over 35, and 47% over 45. The ethnic breakdown was 34% White, 10% Latino, 50% Black, and 6% Asian/Other. It was most successful in the East, South, and Midwest.

Adamma Ebo wrote and directed the film, which stars Regina Hall and Sterling K. Brown as a megachurch power couple tainted by scandal, and Jordan Peele executive produced it.

increased by an impressive 88%

Instead, critics gave Gigi & Nate a low 24% RT rating, while PostTrak audiences disagreed, giving it an 81% in the top two boxes with a 60% suggestion. The audience for this story about a quadriplegic young man and his savior support monkey was 65% female, 38% between the ages of 18 and 34, 57% over 35, and 37% over 45.