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Michelle Branch’s charges were dropped after she struck her cheating husband.

Already Began Divorce

The singer has already begun divorce proceedings. Michelle Branch can now exhale with peace as the case against her for domestic abuse has been dropped. The singer was detained earlier this month after being accused of striking her husband Patrick Carney in Nashville. She was given a $1,000 bond after being charged with a misdemeanor assault. According to court records, Michelle indicated that she and her husband are having marital troubles and had been squabbling. They continued, The altercation started at another place and continued when they got home. Michelle acknowledged hitting Patrick once or twice in the face as the argument heated up.

Patrick Allegedly

Patrick allegedly informed police that his wife had slapped him, despite the fact that there were no obvious wounds on his body or face. Nevertheless, according to Billboard, Tennessee Judge Gal Robinson dismissed the charges on August 4th at the state’s request. Patrick and Michelle started dating in 2015, and they subsequently got married in 2019. A son was born in 2018 and a daughter was born in 2022, making them parents to two kids in total. Prior to her miscarriage, Michelle miscarried in December 2020.

Divorce Filing Announcement

However, the singer made a divorce filing announcement the same day she was detained. She claimed in a since-deleted Twitter post that she found out he was unfaithful while she was pregnant. Michelle later gave the media a statement confirming the divorce and requesting seclusion for the sake of her kids. In a statement, she added, To say that I am absolutely devastated doesn’t even come close to describing how I feel for myself and for my family.

Michelle formally filed for Divorce

 On August 12th, Michelle formally filed for divorce. She stated that she is the principal carer of their two children in court records, and she demanded that her estranged husband pay child support as well as her legal bills and any other costs associated with the divorce. In addition, Michelle has an older kid from her union with bassist Teddy Landau. The couple wed in 2004, and their daughter was born the following year. In the end, the couple divorced in 2015 after divorcing in 2014.