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Mia Goth looks menacing in a new “Pearl” picture

The First Look

Nothing is going to get in the way of this starlet! The A24 prequel , directed by , is rapidly approaching its theatre debut. Though X, the unexpected adversary from West’s original slasher movie, only recently made its way into theatres, fans couldn’t be more eager for her to be free to tell her narrative. As fall approaches, Fandango has released an exclusive first-look photo of actress as our favorite scheming starlet.

Goth’s newest horror icon.

In the first movie, X, a determined ragtag crew set out to make an adult movie on the old couple’s remote farm. However, failing to disclose the nature of their endeavor proves to be a major error when the lustful behavior of these young individuals is noticed by the elderly Pearl (Goth). By having his principal killer a frail old woman looking for the rush of her past glory days, West’s film completely upended the genre. Knowing Pearl’s star power as Goth’s newest horror icon, West started shooting the villainous beginning of Pearl right away.

A Menacing Pic

A young Pearl is seen in the recently revealed image standing over someone with her finger to her lips, probably trying to silence the screams of one of her numerous victims. Pearl has killed a lot of people; this is not a joke. She is holding an axe, but we doubt she has been out cutting wood, and she is dressed in the garishly blood-red clothing that has come to be associated with our dreamy killer. Fans may remember the vivid red barn from X scenes as Pearl’s backdrop; it stands out sharply and vividly against the darkening sky.


Sixty years before the events of X, Pearl will go back in time to when she was a teen living on and working on her family’s farm during . The little daughter, who is responsible for both farm work and caring for her elderly father, leads a dreary country life in the early 1900s. The monotonous routine of Pearl’s existence is made worse by her devoted mother’s severe religious beliefs, who controls her. Despite all the stress, Pearl still finds the time to admire the beautiful celebrities she sees on the big screen.

Pearl finds herself in competition with the other girls for an opportunity that may take her far, far away from the farm and obscurity when talent scouts pass through town looking for someone with the “X-factor.” Pearl isn’t in the least intimidated by the bodies she has to remove in order to achieve fame and have her name on the lights because she knows she is destined for them.

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