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‘Messyness’ Season 2 Honors the Late Teddy Ray

Without one of its own, enters a new season. A few weeks before the of the MTV show, suddenly passed away at 32. A drowning was later confirmed as the cause of death. She admits that the upcoming season will be “bittersweet.” teases it exclusively. As she promotes her new Cheez-It collaboration, Polizzi says, “This season will be bittersweet because Teddy died.”

Expectations toward season 2

A tragic accident happened to Teddy. He was truly the show’s heart, a kind, loving person. He was so excited about his career and his future. Ray’s legacy will be honored in the show, according to Polizzi. As she explains, Teddy is a big part of the season. “I know it will be bittersweet, and I’m glad we will get to share those moments with him, as his family and will be able to see him. I am looking forward to the premiere of season two.”

The new Messyness, which features viral mishaps of young adults, premiered in August 2021. The series also stars Tori Spelling and Adam Rippon. Polizzi is a natural fit for the show, as she has participated in several Messyness-reminiscent incidents on Family Vacation. As a result, she can relate to the mishaps that these individuals experience. As she jokes, I am a bit wasted since the last episode.

Stars appeared in the reality show

As she explains, this season was really fun. “We knew what we were doing. I don’t think we were exaggerating. We were drinking on set, so we had a lot of that, and it was just a girls’ night.”

In addition to her appearances on Jersey Shore, Polizzi has also appeared on other reality shows, including Dancing with the Stars, to expand her reach beyond the Jersey Shore franchise. The brand was, therefore, at the top of its list when selecting stars to appear on its collector’s edition box. Polizzi and RuPaul were both on the list.

It is my favorite snack, so I was so excited to hear that Cheez-It is celebrating its 30 years of existence. Consequently, they said, “We’re celebrating reality. Would you like to be in the box?” I replied, “Yes. Are you kidding?” They always have a couple of boxes in the pantry. She continues, “So I got the box, 100% original, I was on the box, and my kids thought I was so cool because I was on the box.”

My children are extremely excited about it. They are excited because they love Cheez-Its. They say, ‘Mom, you cannot be in that box.’ Everything is literally in my pantry. I’m displaying it to my friends. I’m proud of it. I’m very excited.”

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