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Meghan Markle New Archetypes Podcast Makes Big Splash At Top Of Spotify Charts

Archetypes New Spotify Podcast

Meghan Markle’s Spotify podcast was worth the wait for the music streamer this week. The first episode of Archetypes, featuring the Duchess of Sussex in conversation with , debuted at number one on Spotify’s Top Podcasts chart. During the podcast, Markle and Williams talked about the stereotypes they have faced as successful women.

‘Archetypes,’ released Tuesday exclusively on Spotify, is No. 1 on the streamer’s podcast charts for the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Next week’s episode will feature a conversation between Markle and .

Markle With Serena About Double Standard Women Face

In the premiere episode, Markle speaks with Serena Williams about the double standard women face when they are labeled “ambitious” and the ripple effect this has on other aspects of their life, as well as how they are perceived.

The inaugural episode also features , a leading expert on gender in the workplace, and the way in which these archetypes affect all of us.

During her discussion with Williams, Markle discussed her experiences at the Immaculate Heart, an all-girls Catholic school she attended in Los Angeles, and how that shaped her today.

This feminist ideology trickled down into nearly every aspect of my education. It’s probably safe to say into every aspect of my life, Markle said.

Markle said she never felt a ‘negative connotation’ for the word ‘ambition’ until she began dating . Apparently, ambition is a terrible, terrible thing, for a woman that is according to some, she continued.

So, since I’ve felt the negativity behind it, it’s really hard to un-feel it. I can’t unsee it, either, in the millions of girls and women who make themselves smaller so much smaller on a regular basis.

Negative Connotation To Reach The Goals

Williams agreed, noting that women are definitely put in these different boxes when we are ambitious or when we do have goals, or when we reach our goals, it’s a negative connotation on how we reach the goals. Markle noted that even young girls in classrooms might be labeled ‘bossy’ because they show ambition.

Markle also shared a scary story from her 2019 visit to Africa with Harry and their son, , who was only four months old at the time.

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Since Markle and Harry were still senior members of the Royal Family at that point, they needed to attend official engagements. While they went to one in South Africa, they were told a fire broke out in Archie’s room. Even after the incident, they still had to continue attending official engagements while leaving Archie behind.

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